Roddick Cards On The Table

ANDY Roddick always has something interesting to say in his post-match press conferences.
It was no different late last night after he defeated Spain’s Fernando Verdasco just before 9pm, with play about to be called off due to the fading light.
Now the last American in the men’s singles draw, Andy has lost twice in the Wimbledon final – both times to Roger Federer.
If all goes to plan, the two are due to meet in the semi final next Friday.
Andy is a huge favourite here, and not just among the Americans, thanks to his fighting spirit and sense of humour.
“I’ve always just been annoyingly competitive,” he explained last night.
Asked if he ever played other sports, like golf, he replied: “Every time I play golf, I got to buy a new set of clubs.
“It’s not relaxing for me. I go mental. The ball’s not even moving and I can’t hit it right.

“I haven’t reached the point in my life where I have the patience level it takes to play golf.
“And I don’t have the pants.”

Roddick is now coached by former Wimbledon champion Jimmy Connors, a fiery competitor himself in his day.
“Seems like most things we do turn into a competition,” added Andy.
“I don’t want to talk about us playing cards because it hasn’t been good for me this week.
“I have to win my next round just to…never mind!”
Joking aside, there was also an insight into his relationship with Connors, who watched Andy’s late evening victory from the Court One players’ box.
“He’s more mellow than people know. People are disappointed most times when I tell them that.
“When we’re on the practice court, doing anything, you don’t hear him yell.
“I don’t know if he’s the same guy that everyone remembers.
“A lot of times, what you see with people on the court isn’t what you get off the court.
“If we’re going out to eat with my mother or sister-in-law, he’s the first guy to open a door, pull out a chair, very soft spoken.
“He’s not the kind of fiery guy that was abusing umpires and doing that whole thing. He’s definitely a gentleman.”
Drizzle and showers here at Wimbledon this morning after a dry start.
The photos below were taken around 7.50am, before the covers were put back on the courts.
The forecast for this afternoon is for more rain, with possible clearer breaks – very different to Scorchio Saturday exactly 12 months ago.
I’ve also posted pics of part of the press centre first thing today, and the players’ interview room.
Will we get any play today?
As the referee’s office likes to announce in the event of rain: “We remain hopeful.”