Wimbledon Security Increased

EXTRA security at Wimbledon this morning after the discovery of a car bomb in central London.
Police have already banned vehicles from parking near the grounds of the All England Club.
Everyone entering the site is subject to bag searches and random checks.
Those in the daily queue for tickets are also subject to airport-style security.
In addition, the hi-tech photo-passes worn by all staff and members of the press are scanned by special readers and checked against a police database.
Sniffer dog patrols on site were more evident today with security staff even more throrough in their checks.
Police also confirmed security had been stepped up.
On the first day of the Championships I attended a security briefing led by Supt Pete Dobson, the officer in overall charge of policing at Wimbledon 2007.

He explained how police had revised their security plans yet again this year in a bid to thwart any potential attack.
“We change our tactics, so if someone was trying to attack the venue they have something new to defeat every year,” he said.
“Car bombs are just one of the terrorist tactics that we have to deal with.”
Supt Dobson also revealed that police and other agencies had carried out a “table-top exercise” to play out various scenarios, including an aerial attack on Centre Court.
He pointed out that the official threat level nationwide was still “severe” – which means that a terrorist attack somewhere is “highly likely”.
*As you can see from this morning photo – taken at 8.15am – there has been heavy rain at Wimbledon, which has now stopped.
The forecast is for dry spells with the threat of heavy showers.