Serena Gets Mad

FORMER Wimbledon champion Serena Williams was described last week as “one hunk of a woman”.
The observation came from TV chat show host Jonathan Ross, who earns almost as much at the BBC as the top stars at SW19.
I once found myself standing beside Serena at the All England Club and can confirm Jonathan’s comment.
She has thighs bigger than Tim Henman’s chest.
Although always liable to make a sudden exit, as Serena said before the tournament: “I don’t think anyone that has to play me goes home and shouts with joy.”
On the day Tony Blair collected his P45, the American seventh seed had to fight hard to avoid a similar fate on Court One, which rather charmingly still has a roof.
Melbourne hope Alicia Molik had all the right moves, having once taken part in Australia’s version of Strictly Come Dancing.

With one of the biggest serves in women’s tennis, she waltzed her way to a tie-break but ultimately lost in straight sets.
Nursing a tight hamstring, Serena isn’t one to hide her feelings on court or her big earrings, which she ended up handing to a ball girl.
“I guess they got jumpy and nervous. One jumped off.”
After just 17 minutes she found herself 4 – 1 down. “I was really angry. I thought it was unfair that I got down so far,” she said after the match.
“The angry Serena is very crazy. Sometimes she comes out.”
Current Australian Open champion Serena tried various tactics to serve up a revival, shouting at herself, slapping those thighs and hitting the ball so hard that she fell over.
Eventually, it worked.
As Serena ran to the net to shake hands after match point, she was interrupted by French chair umpire Sandra de Jenken.
Both players had failed to hear Alicia’s ball called out earlier in the rally.
At the umpire’s suggestion, the Aussie challenged via Hawk-Eye.
It confirmed the call and Serena’s victory.
She may have won the match twice, but Miss Williams rated her performance a six out of ten.
Expect a change of earrings.
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