Palin’s Travels

IF you’ve been wondering where he’s been, wonder no longer.
Michael Palin returns to our screens later this year in a much anticipated new BBC1 series.
When people ask me for a list of my favourite people to interview, Michael is always in there near the top.
I’ve been signed up to his Palin’s Travels website since it was launched a few years ago and have watched it grow.
You can also receive infrequent email updates from Michael and his interweb team.
They tend to drop into your in-box when you’re least expecting them.
This one was sent out yesterday:

“Michael has broken a small blue Chinese vase which he used to keep his pencils in.
”Filming on his new series wrapped up in Germany on May 4th. The title is now confirmed as Michael Palin’s New Europe.
”The accompanying book is almost complete and goes on press (in Trento in Italy) at the end of June.
”The series, which looks likely to be seven episodes, is currently being edited in London, for screening in the autumn.”
Will this be his last TV epic?
Michael tends to think it’s the end of his television travels every time he finishes a major project.
But then he has a change of heart.
One thing is certain – he’ll be at a bookshop near you later this year.
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