Catch Of The Day

IT’S not hard to fathom the appeal of one of TV’s surprise hits.
Trawlermen is back for a new series next week, spread across five consecutive nights on BBC1.
The latest batch of adventures on the high seas begin at the start of this year, immediately after the Christmas and New Year holiday.
As the programme explains, crews only get paid a share of what they catch.
So if they don’t catch anything, they don’t get paid.
Fans of last year’s first series will be pleased to see Amity skipper Jimmy Buchan (pictured above left) and Ocean Venture skipper John Buchan (below right) in Monday’s first programme.
We watch them battle with a winter storm and treacherous seas.

As Amity heads towards a terrifying storm, Jimmy reflects: “This could all go totally wrong and we could all lose our lives.

“And I could be responsible for it.”
It’s totally gripping TV which captured the attention of millions last year.
There’s a TV feature about the new series in tomorrow’s MEN.
I’ll post a link here when it goes online.
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