Opportunity Knocks

IT should be obvious by now that Simon Cowell is a very astute judge.
He knows the viewing public will eventually tire of seeing him on screen as TV fashions change.
Simon has already made noises about one day stepping down from American Idol.
You also wonder how much longer he can continue with The X Factor.
It’s now been confirmed that Dannii Minogue and Brian Friedman will join Simon and Sharon Osbourne as judges for the upcoming fourth series.
A brilliant format, perfectly executed, it both creates stars and demonstrates how hollow fame can be.
Just ask X Factor winner Steve Brookstein, Chico Slimani or Journey South, reported today to be singing on a three-night ferry trip from Portsmouth to Bilbao in Spain.
Now Simon has sailed on to his latest project – Britain’s Got Talent – which gives me a definite sinking feeling.

Starting on ITV1 at 9.25pm this Saturday, the show will run nightly until a week on Sunday.
After the failure of Love Island, this is ITV’s latest weapon against Big Brother.
The initial audition shows, including the Manchester hopefuls, will be followed by three live semi final studio shows and then the big final.
All this in the middle of flaming June, when we all should be outside getting some fresh air.
For years old timers complained about the absence of variety shows on TV.
Now you can’t move for them.
Talent shows once meant Opportunity Knocks or New Faces.
Earlier this year we were treated to the latest batch of novelty acts on BBC1’s truly awful When Will I Be Famous?
And let’s not forget Brian Conley’s BBC2 series Let Me Entertain You.
Now comes Britain’s Got Talent.
“From dance troupes and singers, to piano playing pigs and dancing horses, magicians to comedians, contortionists to ventriloquists, the UK has not failed to deliver the goods,” says the blurb for the series.
With Piers Morgan joining actress Amanda Holden on the judging panel, it looks like a recipe for disaster.
But it would be very foolish to write off Mr Cowell just yet.
He’s made a smart move in signing up Ant and Dec as hosts, the first time all three have worked together since Pop Idol.
There’s also a £100,000 prize on offer to the winner, plus a chance to perform at The Royal Variety Performance.
The big question is – do you want to spend nine nights of your life watching “a wealth of wonderful, wacky and often plain weird” acts?
Lots of people will be scanning the ratings with great interest.
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