Big Brother: Ladies’ Night

DAVINA appeared more excited than ever at the start of tonight’s live launch show for the new series of Big Brother.
She got in a cheeky trail even before the first on-screen apology was read out for that Celeb BB race row spot of bother.
The 2007 house looks one of the most interesting yet – and I’ve been in a fair few over the years, always wearing those plastic slipper things to keep the floors perfect for the incoming housemates.
First into the house tonight were terrible twins Sam and Amanda, who promise double trouble.
Within seconds they had fallen into the bath, this year handily placed in the living room – just like they used to be in the olden days.
Minutes later they were sucking lollies and squealing: “Have you seen the pinkness?”
The sisters, both students at Manchester Metropolitan University, were among 11 female housemates who entered the Channel 4 house.
Struggling to maintain its reputation – and ratings – after its brush with the regulator, the initial all female line-up is a first for the programme, along with the first set of twins.

Ever so slightly scary Sam and Amanda, 18, originally from Newcastle, describe themselves as “twincredible” and even have their own “twin song” they sing to introduce themselves to boys.
Studying social work in the city, their university rooms are inspired by Barbie – all pink and fluffy.

And as you might have guessed if you saw them this evening, the twins are never separated.
Their mum is also a Big Brother addict, which explains a lot.
Joining them in the new series of the reality TV show was Charley, 21, from south London.
Her cousin Kieran Richardson plays for Manchester United and she says she often goes out with him in the city.
Unemployed Charley appeared totally spooked when she walked into the house, having been roundly booed on her way in.
The eighth series also features Lesley, 60, the oldest housemate in the history of Big Brother, excluding Celebrity Big Brother.
She’s a member of the Women’s Institute and should know better.
Displaying the wisdom which comes with age, Lesley was also the first to notice the lack of men.
Davina described cleaner Tracey, 36, as “a little bit Bez”.
Tracey seemed harmless enough, but must stop saying: “I’m happy Kentucky.”
Student Chanelle, 19, from Wakefield is a young lady who appears to be missing a T.
Obsessed with Victoria Beckham, Chanelle thinks she looks like her, and doesn’t appear to be lacking in self-confidence.
Londoner Carole, 53, is an early favourite to cause friction.
She has been a protestor from the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camps to more recent anti-war rallies and got the best reception by far from the crowd.
What will Carole make of the housemate who said she had never voted, for the simple reason that she couldn’t be bothered?
Now cut off from the outside world, the all female group will be competing for a £100,000 prize.
They’ll be joined on Friday by one man…
Plenty of critics have written off Big Brother as past its sell by date.
We’ll see.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, that’s Amanda pictured at the top and Sam further down.