Life On Bafta

THE stars gather tomorrow for the Bafta TV awards – and I’ll be there to report for both the MEN and this blog.
Red carpet arrivals at the London Palladium begin at 5pm, with the doors due to close around 6pm.
The awards, hosted by Graham Norton, start at 6.30pm and end at 8.30pm.
They will be screened “as live” on BBC1 between 8pm and 10pm.
I’ve already given my views on who I’d like to see win in an MEN TV feature here.
The Bafta juries faced several tough calls this year in what is, in any event, a highly subjective process.
How, for example in the Actor category, do you judge Jim Broadbent’s performance in Longford against John Simm as Sam Tyler in Life On Mars, Michael Sheen as Kenneth Williams in Fantabulosa! or Andy Serkis as Ian Brady, also in Longford?

Having met Lord Longford several times, I can testify that the magnificent Broadbent got him absolutely right in the Channel 4 drama.
And yet Serkis almost stole the show as a chilling Brady – even though he was only on screen for a few minutes.
Sheen would also be a deserving winner for his brilliant performance.
Personally, I’ll be disappointed if John Simm’s outstanding work in Life On Mars isn’t recognised by Bafta.
But are Broadbent and Sheen more of a “Bafta choice”?
Co-star Philip Glenister made a good case for Simm on last night’s Radio 2 Weekender show.
“John is fantastic in this show and if you look at these nominations – not only is he the only actor playing a fictional character, but he’s the only actor in a series. The rest are one-offs.
“So he had to maintain that level of performance over eight hours, over six months. And the size of the part, he was in every single scene.
“So in that respect, I think for endurance and concentration that he should get it.”
Life On Mars should be a clear winner in the Drama Series category – and is also up for the Pioneer Audience Award, voted for by the public.
But with Bafta, you can never tell.
At least Philip, who is also presenting an award, is looking forward to the black tie evening.
“Basically, John and I are going to be auditioning for the next Bond.”
*Glenister wants David Bowie to make a guest appearance in Life On Mars spin-off Ashes To Ashes.
“He must have heard about it, I hope.”
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