Sitting Pretty

A footnote to yesterday’s blog about my trip to the new Wembley Stadium on Tuesday.
I knew as soon as I spotted them that a story about pink seats at the £800m venue would have – as they say in the trade – “legs”.
But it’s always interesting to see just how far a story can spread after it’s appeared first in the MEN.
So far it’s been used by the Metro here, by the Daily Telegraph on its front page here and sports pages here, the Daily Mail here and here and the BBC News website here.
In addition, the story made the back page lead in later editions of last night’s Evening Standard.
Some also used the photo I took (above left) for the MEN of one pile of pink seats in the middle of being replaced by new red ones.
Now the story has been picked up by both Sky News and BBC News, who devoted a film report to the subject tonight.
Manchester United fans going to the FA Cup Final needn’t worry.

Wembley managing director Alex Horne told me that all the seats would be replaced in time.
And as part of the deal, construction company Multiplex are even providing a slightly better seat.
One that, presumably, doesn’t fade from red to pink in the sun.
But as everyone seems so interested in what is, to be honest, a bit of a daft story, I thought you might like to see a few more images from my visit.
The pic (above right) is a shot of the pink seats in the dugout to be occupied on May 19 by Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho and his coaching staff.
They’re identical to the pink seats just across the way, which Sir Alex Ferguson and co will use.

The second pic (left) is a wider shot of the same seats, showing their position by the entrance to the new Wembley dressing rooms.
All will be replaced before the Cup Final.
I’ve just checked again, and the story has now spread as far as Switzerland.
In the internet age, that means it’ll probably reach India by morning.
It’s especially silly when you consider no-one can see if the seats are red or pink when they’re actually being sat on.
But like putting a message in a bottle, it’s fascinating to see just how many miles this tale can travel.
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