Shameless State Of Play

THE rain flowed almost as freely as Paul Abbott’s quotes at the launch of the new Shameless complex in Manchester yesterday.
He spoke about the planned American re-make of the Channel 4 series, which may feature Cheers star Woody Harrelson as Frank Gallagher.
Paul also revealed how he had turned down requests from the likes of John Simm, Matt Lucas and Bill Nighy for guest roles in the original UK version.
There was a full report plus pics on Pgs 1 and 3 of today’s MEN. You can read the online version here, along with a gallery of images here and a video report here.
(I’m man in brown jacket carrying small black brolly, fortunately with my back to the TV camera)

And there’s more from Paul in tomorrow’s paper.
He’d just flown back from America and talks about that US version of Shameless.
Jet-lagged and unable to sleep – “we were all walking round our house at three o’clock this morning like Shaun of the Dead” – he’d been up until the early hours working on the storyline for series two of State Of Play.
The first series was originally broadcast on BBC1 in 2003.
Paul said John Simm had agreed to star again as journalist Cal McCaffrey in a projected six-part story for the same channel.
Bill Nighy is also lined up to reprise his role as editor Cameron Foster but David Morrissey would not, for plot reasons, be back as Stephen Collins.
“I’m writing it for six episodes, but it might go less or more,” he added.
“We all want to do it again and I think we’ve only got a limited amount of time where the actors are going to be available.
“I originally wrote two-and-a-half episodes of a story for series two but it started too big.
“I put it in a drawer and then I had to shred it and start again.”
The Hollywood movie version, starring Brad Pitt as Cal, is due to start filming later this year.
“I’ve met him. He’s as sharp as a razor, really smart – a really good actor,” said Paul.
The Manchester-based writer said he believed Nighy had also been approached about appearing in the film, but Brad was the only actor contracted at the moment.
Life On Mars star John has been misquoted out of context in the past about the decision to cast Brad in the movie.
Paul revealed how Simm had made light of it. “He sent me a text, ‘Oh, we’ve all seen journalists that good looking, haven’t we? Why aren’t I doing it?!”
It’s been a very busy couple of days.
Check back tomorrow for details on that new MEN story on Paul – and the link between the Gallagher clan and the royal family.
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