Life On Mars: The Series Two DVD

IT’S out today with some great extras for fans.
Many will head straight for disc 4 and behind the scenes film: The End of Life on Mars.
Here are just a few extracts:
Matthew Graham on Sam’s return to 1973: “He chooses to go back to that world where he feels more alive than he’s ever felt.”
He adds: “We wanted him back in ’73, but it was how he got there. I think that was where the suicide thing really kicks in.
“Should he commit suicide. Is it suicide? I don’t think it’s suicide in his mind. It’s not suicide at all.
“He’s not running away from responsibility and from his life. He’s actually running towards responsibility. He’s running towards doing the right thing. He promised Annie he’d be there for her and he’s going back.”

Episode eight director SJ Clarkson comments: “I don’t want to see it as a guy committing suicide, where he just runs and jumps off.
“For me, I said. ‘I’ve got to create this leap of faith.’”
That also reflects how I viewed the scene.
In one sense, Sam leapt from a tall building so, of course, there can only be one inevitable consequence.
But all we saw after his leap was blue sky and then the fade to black, before he re-emerged from the 1973 shadow – we didn’t see him land.
There are other fascinating insights.

The “white light” scenes involving Sam in pain during episode one of series two were a taste of what was to come in episode eight – when Sam was drawn towards the bright white light in the rail tunnel.
John Simm, Philip Glenister, Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster and co-creator Ashley Pharoah are also among those who talk about the final episode.
Producer Cameron Roach says: “Some people would like to have left the series on the jump and, perhaps, not seen any more.
“But to other people it was really important to see the coming together of Sam and Annie.
“I think that we have got the balance right in terms of answering questions, but also leaving some questions up in the air that the audience can take an ownership of the series as well.
“There are still some unanswered questions, but we have a satisfaction of knowing what is going on in Sam’s mind and what is important in Sam’s imagination.”
Other bonus features include Behind The Scenes of Episode 5 – Camberwick Green, which highlights the work of Altrincham’s HOT Animation.
If you missed’s £17.99 limited special offer the other week, the series two DVD boxed set is selling for around £25 online and in some supermarkets, and £30 or more elsewhere. The full price is £39.99.
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