Christine’s Garden

THERE’S no need to dig too deep into the TV schedules to find a real character with a passion for her subject.
Christine’s Garden was one of my favourite series of 2006 – and I wasn’t the only one who loved it.
Three million viewers were charmed by Lancashire-born and raised horticulturalist Christine Walkden and her garden.
Now she’s back for a second BBC2 series, along with next door neighbour Reg and her absolute love of growing things.
If you’ve not seen Christine before, then don’t miss tonight’s second episode in the new series at 8pm, filmed in late spring of last year.

She’s been invited to a tomato weekend in the West Country, while back home Reg needs help pruning his magnolia tree.
Born 50 years ago on the outskirts of Blackburn, Christine took charge of her first allotment when she was just ten.
Now living on the border of Essex and Hertfordshire, she has the sort of life many can only dream of.
Although she’d been on TV and radio before, the lovingly-filmed first series captured a real British character – and turned Christine into a bit of a star.
“The first time I saw it I was in tears,” she told one interviewer. “I think it’s a charming and beautiful programme.
“It hasn’t made a great deal of difference, to be honest, with my workload as I have always lectured around the UK giving between 30 to 40 a year, so that’s no different.
“What I have been surprised by is the warmth that is shown toward me when I go to societies and meetings.
“Everyone thinks they know me. It’s very touching.”
Aside from the new six-part series, there’s more good news for fans of this TV gem.
Her book – A Year In Christine’s Garden – is published next Thursday.
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