Life On Mars: The End

IT has been a real joy to write about Life On Mars.
We all see things in different ways. But, for me, it’s one of the greatest TV dramas ever to grace the small screen.
There are now just three episodes left on BBC1 before fans finally discover how the series ends.
I’ve been lucky enough to see all three – including episode eight of this second and final series.
I can’t, of course, reveal anything about the fate of Sam, Gene. Annie, Chris, Ray and co.
But I can say that I absolutely loved the ending.

Back in August of last year, producer Cameron Roach told me: “Series two has a very satisfying conclusion for the avid fan.”
It’s a quote I clung on to while watching the final episode.
And, as far as this avid fan is concerned, Cameron and the rest of the marvellous Life On Mars team delivered that satisfying conclusion – and much more.
I’m left with warm memories of a perfect two series drama – and one I’m sure I’ll be re-visiting on DVD for many years to come.
John Simm was on Simon Mayo’s Radio Five Live show again this afternoon, ahead of his role as Van Gogh in Channel 4’s The Yellow House at 9pm tonight.
He spoke about a wide range of topics, including his LoM character Sam Tyler (pictured above with his friend Tufty)and the Philip Glenister spin-off Ashes To Ashes.
John was also asked about the final episode of Life On Mars.
“Everybody was very nervous about reading episode eight,” he said. “But it’s great – it’s a good ending.
“We’re very close to these characters. I didn’t want them to mess up the ending. But there was no worry with that.”
You can’t, of course, please everyone.
But I hope most Life On Mars fans will end up agreeing with John when those final credits roll.
Life On Mars episode six is on BBC1 at 9pm next Tuesday.
Life On Mars official BBC site
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