Life On Mars: The End

IT has been a real joy to write about Life On Mars.
We all see things in different ways. But, for me, it’s one of the greatest TV dramas ever to grace the small screen.
There are now just three episodes left on BBC1 before fans finally discover how the series ends.
I’ve been lucky enough to see all three – including episode eight of this second and final series.
I can’t, of course, reveal anything about the fate of Sam, Gene. Annie, Chris, Ray and co.
But I can say that I absolutely loved the ending.

Back in August of last year, producer Cameron Roach told me: “Series two has a very satisfying conclusion for the avid fan.”
It’s a quote I clung on to while watching the final episode.
And, as far as this avid fan is concerned, Cameron and the rest of the marvellous Life On Mars team delivered that satisfying conclusion – and much more.
I’m left with warm memories of a perfect two series drama – and one I’m sure I’ll be re-visiting on DVD for many years to come.
John Simm was on Simon Mayo’s Radio Five Live show again this afternoon, ahead of his role as Van Gogh in Channel 4’s The Yellow House at 9pm tonight.
He spoke about a wide range of topics, including his LoM character Sam Tyler (pictured above with his friend Tufty)and the Philip Glenister spin-off Ashes To Ashes.
John was also asked about the final episode of Life On Mars.
“Everybody was very nervous about reading episode eight,” he said. “But it’s great – it’s a good ending.
“We’re very close to these characters. I didn’t want them to mess up the ending. But there was no worry with that.”
You can’t, of course, please everyone.
But I hope most Life On Mars fans will end up agreeing with John when those final credits roll.
Life On Mars episode six is on BBC1 at 9pm next Tuesday.
Life On Mars official BBC site
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13 responses to “Life On Mars: The End

  1. Paul Sheehan

    It is easy to see why the first series of “Life on Mars” won the International Emmy for Drama Series last year. I predict that this second (and, how sad, final) series will do the same this year.
    Readers may be interested to know that prolific US television producer David E. Kelley (“The Practice,” “Ally McBeal”) is working on a pilot for an American version of the show. Casting has not been set yet – let’s hope they don’t screw this one up like they did with “Coupling” several seasons back.
    Brit television is very hot in the US – Hugh Jackman is producing a pilot for “Viva Laughlin” (a transplanted version of “Viva Blackpool”) and Lucy (“Xena”) Lawless is starring in “Football Wives”.

  2. R. Hulland

    I really enjoy LOM, I think that it is without doubt one of the best shows on the box. I think that the Camberwick Green episode was the funniest thing that I have ever seen; I still crack up when I think about it. I shudder to think what kind of shambles the American version will be; why can’t they simply show the British one?

  3. Matthew Graham

    Hi Mr Wylie
    I just want to say thank you for your extremely gracious and enthusiastic review of episode 8 and for the support you’ve given our show over the last 2 years. You’re right to predict that ep 8 won’t and simply can’t fulfill everybody’s expectations or pre-conceptions but it was the ending I always wanted and I had to remain true to it despite the temptation to branch off into an increasingly bizarre series of twists a la “Lost”. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a wee bit nervous about how the climax of Sam’s journey will be received. Your wonderful review eased an anxious heart. Thanks mate. I hope you enjoy Ashes To Ashes next year.
    Matthew Graham – writer and co-creator of LIFE ON MARS.

  4. ryan mcgrath

    Ive seen the ending and i dont understand why they can make another series.

  5. jamie cookson

    please could you explain the end of episode eight. i cant get my head round it. Is he dead mad or back in a coma.

  6. Ian Wylie

    Jamie – go to “Categories” on the top right of this page and click on “Life On Mars” for later blogs, including one tonight: “Life On Mars: Ashes To Ashes” – with a full explanation from the writer in tomorrow’s blog.

  7. Frances

    Does anyone know offhand.. in the last series, what followed when Gene said “I would rather…….” I know that is vague but it has been driving a colleague of mine mad. I imagine in the vein of I would rather poke fingers in my eyes than…..

  8. Jorge

    Im from Spain and i just will say only one thing: the final is very sad and i want to see Sam in the TV soon 😥 WHY HE DIES?? WHY??????????

  9. Ian Wylie

    Hi Jorge – have you checked out Life On Mars: The Answers?
    Sam is only dead if you choose to think he is.

  10. Jorge

    “Sam is only dead if you choose to think he is.”
    Yeah, but Matthew Graham said that originally wrote that final thinking he´d die. I don´t want to choose, i want to know what really happened. Do you think Sam will appear in A2A? Or it´s impossible?

  11. Ian Wylie

    Hi Jorge – “I want to know what really happened.” The way I see it, nothing really happened – it’s a fantasy drama, not a factual documentary. The writer has one viewpoint and the audience can agree or have another view of their own. Mine is that Sam died in 2007 but also made a leap of faith back into a 1973 “afterlife” where he lived on. You may have an equally valid different point of view.
    Have you read Matthew’s comments in the later blog and those of director SJ Clarkson?
    I think it’s not impossible that Sam might appear in a second series of A2A but, as things stand, unlikely. As you will have read in the Ashes blogs etc, the writers have left the option open.

  12. Jorge

    Thanks Wylie for the answers!
    Really i´m still in shock because yesterday i finished to seen the end.
    “Ojalá” (I hope) Sam Tyler appear in next chapters of A2A.
    Even though it´s a fantasy drama i always am prone to involve me in the story 😥 Sam come back soon!
    Sorry for my terrible English 😉

  13. ohh my god somone needs to get more people to watch that show i`m only 13 and that is the best show i have seen ever and the last moment of when he’s on the top of the police station and david bowie comes on and sings life on mars i want a third serries………………………………………………………………………………………………………….please help me

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