Shameless Star Goes To War

THERE’S a lot to like about young Shameless actor Gerard Kearns.
I spoke to him about a new role at Channel 4’s spring programmes launch in London yesterday.
Known to millions as Chatsworth estate resident Ian Gallagher, Gerard plays an 18-year-old British soldier serving in Iraq in new drama Mark of Cain.
Filmed in Manchester and Tunisia, the Red Production Company film examines issues of friendship and the moral choices that people are forced to make in difficult situations.
There’s an interview with Gerard in today’s MEN – you can read the online version here.

The Oldham actor also told me how keen he was to do a good job on screen.
“You want to do it right, don’t you? I’m still learning a lot and you don’t want to let anyone down.
“It was amazing to do. I got so much experience acting-wise, especially working for a writer like Tony Marchant.
“I play a lad who follows orders but knows what right and wrong is. The situation that he’s in really affects him and he finds it hard to deal with.
“It was like playing ‘Army’ when you were little, but in all the real gear – and getting paid for it.”
I did wonder if the new parts coming Gerard’s way might spell the end of his role in Shameless.
But as you can read in today’s feature, he has no plans to leave just yet.