Diamond Geezer

IS Sir David Jason about to freeze out A Touch of Frost?
It looked that way yesterday when he spoke at the launch of his latest ITV1 project.
But will Det Insp Jack Frost return at some stage for one final case?
There’s a news story in today’s MEN and a TV feature in tomorrow’s editions. Click here for the online version of the feature.
In essence, Sir David, 67, told us that Frost may be for the axe because of his new role in Diamond Geezer: The Series.
Your may remember the original ITV1 film screened in March 2005 as a pilot for a possible series.

Three new stories have now been made, to be screened from next month, starring Sir David as gentleman thief Des Parker.
In truth, I wasn’t a huge fan of the original production. But these new films are sharper, with a touch more style now Des has escaped from prison.
The star of the show reckons he can’t carry on as Frost while also playing a criminal, however loveable, in Diamond Geezer.
He’s also spoken in the past of becoming tired of playing the grumpy detective, who no longer presents him with an acting challenge.
In addition, the veteran actor now limits the amount of time he spends away from home filming, which could be another nail in Frost’s coffin.
Both A Touch of Frost and Diamond Geezer are made in Yorkshire, which means Sir David is parted from his wife and young daughter.
But he did just hint at a glimmer of light for Frost fans – if ITV executives come up with enough cash…and a helicopter.
Back Behind Bars – 2005 Diamond Geezer TV feature
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7 responses to “Diamond Geezer

  1. Bill Cullen

    Sorry to be a bit picky but there isn’t a ‘Sir David Jason’. When HM conferred the knighthood he became Sir David John White,his the real name, David Jason being a professional name for acting purposes. Sir David White is the correct form of address, the other form of address being possibly a breach of etiquette as the title doesn’t exist . When referring to him in his acting capacity he really should be referred to as plain David Jason. I know this would go right over the head of the average MEN reader but how are they ever going to improve there lot in life if they’re constantly drip fed this lazy journalism.

  2. Ian Wylie

    Bill – thanks for your comment. I don’t think we need worry about a technical breach of etiquette when Sir David has chosen the surname he wishes to be known by in his public life. He is happy to be called Sir David Jason. And never underestimate the intelligence of “the average MEN reader”.

  3. pollypip

    Has anyone got a video or disc of “Diamond Geezer” please?

  4. Ian Wylie

    Pollypip – I presume you are referring to the first Diamond Geezer film? The three new stories are not due on TV until next month. The original 2005 film is out on DVD. Current price at amazon.co.uk, for example, is £7.98.

  5. toby jug

    how do i get in touch with sir david’s management team as i have a cracking idea for a follow up to open all hours

  6. Ian Wylie

    You can write to Sir David’s management team:
    The Richard Stone Partnership
    2 Henrietta Street
    WC2E 8PS

  7. alex west age 12

    i have watched your series ”diamond geezer” they were very interesting.Every minute was exciting. Hopefully there will be another series coming soon!!! BYE!!! XXX

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