Life On Mars: The Freakiest Show

THAT would be the Camberwick Green episode in the new series of Life On Mars.
The freeze frame button on my remote is worn out after watching episode five, which sees Sam Tyler tripping the light fantastic.
Among Sam’s white light visions is a mystery face, possibly from his 1973 future. And wouldn’t you just know it, there’s something strange on the TV.
There are also plenty of potential clues for fans searching for the answer to the central mystery at the heart of the BBC1 series.

Do they include a phrase Sam uses no fewer than four times during the episode?
And will Sam (John Simm) and Annie (Liz White) be sharing the evening of May 22 1973 with Roxy Music at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester?
You can see it all for yourself when the episode is screened next month.
Producer Cameron Roach told me: “We treat every single episode as an individual story, as a stand alone film in itself – and have the intrigue through the series, what I’d call the coma element, but to not over do that.
“I think the challenge is never making Sam comfortable in his environment. He’s always a man from 2006.”
Cameron has promised “a very satisfying conclusion” to Life On Mars but knows it won’t please everybody.
“If you look at the website activity on series one, there’s a whole different range of people’s favourite episodes. So there will be a whole different reaction to how it ultimately finishes, I think.”
The TV producer also faced a personal visit to the “Lost and Found” while filming this final series last year.
Based in Manchester for six months, he ended up at a city police station being questioned about a speeding summons.
Cameron explained to the boys in blue that his unopened post was piled up at home in London.
He recalls: “Fortunately for me, they loved the show but didn’t use Gene Hunt’s style of questioning. So I came out in one piece!”
There’s another Life On Mars feature in Tuesday’s MEN. Episode two is screened on BBC1 at 9pm that night, with a first chance to see episode three on BBC4 at 10pm.
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