Life On Mars: Back In The Nick Of Time

OBSESSED? Never. OK, I’ll confess to watching the first episode in the new series five times, and the next three at least twice each.
And where will I be at 9pm next Tuesday? Do you even need to ask? Is there a Life On Mars counselling line?
There’s another news story on the series in today’s MEN. You can read the online version here, along with yesterday’s latest features here and here, plus a longer chat to John Simm here.
Not all of the copy made it into today’s paper. For example:
Copies of a spoof booklet from North West District CID – The Rules Of Modern Policing 1973 Edition – are also being traded on eBay, after thousands of free copies were snapped up at cinemas across the country.

And there was only room in yesterday’s feature to include part of my interview with Philip Glenister.
So here are a few initial extras about the man who plays The Guv, Gene Hunt, talking on set in Manchester:
“Gene and Sam have got this love-hate relationship. I’ve always seen it as like Gene’s the manager and Sam’s the star pupil. There’s a kind of grudging respect. But then, is it all in his head? You just play the scenes.”
Did he bring any tricks of his own to the part? “I become John Prescott. The joy of it is you just throw a few ad libs here and there. You think of something on the spur of the moment and hope they keep it in.

“The music is also fun. I’m obsessed at the moment with music for car chases. I was 10 in 1973, so I remember the music of that period pretty well, from the pop stuff to the heavier stuff.”
Phil is reported to be involved in the Life On Mars spin-off Ashes To Ashes, which will be set in the 1980s. Details of the project were first revealed last October. Click here for more.
He says he won’t ever get as good a part again. “Unless you play Jesus, or something. Robert Powell did that, so I can’t do it.
“It’s joyous. Obviously, in some places, I do think he goes too far. But as an actor, it’s quite refreshing to upset a few Daily Mail readers, which means we’re doing our job.”
There will be yet more Life On Mars coverage in the MEN – and here – over the coming weeks.
Put the word “Mars” in the search box to call up previous blogs on the best selling show.
And feel free to leave a comment below if you’re also suffering from Life On Mars addiction.
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