Confessions Of A Diary Secretary

EARLY Doors star John Henshaw was on very good form at the launch of Confessions of a Diary Secretary.
The saucy ITV1 comedy drama was screened yesterday at The Hospital in Covent Garden, followed by interviews with the cast, writer and production team.
It tells the story of the two-year affair between Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and his diary secretary Tracey Temple.
Manchester-born John wears a £1,000 hand-knitted wig in the Whitehall farce, which will be screened on February 28.

He was always first choice for the role, along with former Shameless star Maxine Peake as Tracey.
But former dustman John needed a bottom double for one of the sex scenes.
“The reason for it was, in about 1988, a friend of mine, we’d had a good day out in Yorkshire,” he explained.
“He fell asleep at the wheel and we finished up on the barrier of the M62.
“So the barrier, to put it in a nutshell, went up my backside. It left a scar on my behind the size of Australia – so we got Justin Timberlake in,” he laughed.

The film isn’t all bad for the Hull East MP, who is described by one member of his Whitehall staff as “a nice guy”.
Writer Tony Basgallop said: “The aim was always to tell this from Tracey’s perspective – it’s the government with their pants down.
“The funny thing is that the people we spoke to, they only really had good things to say about Prescott. Everyone who had worked with Prescott liked him.”
Bolton-born actress Maxine also shines in what is a very funny film, featuring striking cameo appearances from Damian Lewis and Tony Slattery as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
Highlights include Tracey and her trucker boyfriend Barrie at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, where Barrie spots Simply Red star Mick Hucknall…though he calls him Mitch.
There’s a TV special about the drama in today’s MEN, to be followed by a feature later this month.
*Maxine confirmed that Shameless couple Veronica and Kev (Dean Lennox Kelly) won’t be returning to the Chatsworth estate – at least in the near future.
She said: “We’re not dead, so we could go back if they let us back. But it was done. I’d finished. Three series. It was time for me and Dean to have a go and see what else is out there.”
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