More Not Less

A final word – for now – on the BBC move to Salford.
Some media commentators and critics are still saying it doesn’t make sense.
They might change their minds if they looked at the full background – and the vision of the future planned at Salford’s Media City.
As highlighted in last Friday’s MEN, in the longer term the BBC is thinking along the lines of moving even more parts of its organisation to Salford.

Even so, with the original transfer of five departments not due to take place until 2011, expect further speculation about one of them – BBC Sport – staying in London until after the 2012 Olympics.
The official line is that a small core of staff will remain in the capital to organise the coverage. It is, of course, a hugely important event. But it’s also an event that lasts just 17 days.
So both the BBC and government insist that BBC Sport will move to Salford by 2011.
There’s also concern from critics about the availability of guests when Radio Five Live moves from London to Salford.
Leaving aside the rather blinkered view of those who never venture beyond the M25, it’s still to be seen if the Breakfast and Drive programmes will abandon London altogether.
But Radio Five Live will be moving.
The BBC and MediaCity:UK are looking much further ahead than just the four years between now and 2011.
And as BBC director general Mark Thompson said last November of the BBC move: “Could it be bolder still? I hope we can look at ways of making it bigger.
“If Salford has as much potential as we believe it could have, then in the next few years we should go on keeping an open mind about whether there’s more that we could do here.”

*SEVERAL newspapers and media outlets reported over the weekend that Jade Goody had been “coached” by Celebrity Big Brother bosses before her eviction.
Channel 4 has issued a total denial – saying viewers heard the full exchange with Jade in the Diary Room. She has also insisted there was no coaching.
Of course Big Brother fans who actually watch the show will know any suggestion of behind the scenes intervention is nonsense.
If you were a CBB producer, would you trust someone like Jade to keep the secret? Of course not.
There was also much fuss over Jade’s failure to be surprised by the absence of a crowd immediately after her eviction.
Again, obviously written by people who don’t watch the show.
As Big Brother veteran Jade pointed out on GMTV this morning, she guessed there would be no crowd because the usual eviction night feed of recorded crowd noise – to block the noise of the real thing outside – was not played in the house in the hours leading up to her exit.
Her assumption was confirmed when Davina spoke to the house to announce the result of the eviction vote, when it was obvious from the lack of background noise that there was no crowd outside.