Charlie Stubbed Out

REGULAR readers of this blog will know that the MEN has a policy about revealing future soap storylines.
In general, we don’t do it. It annoys many readers who want to watch their favourite show without having it spoiled by advance information.
These “spoilers” are now the stock in trade of the red tops, not to mention soap magazines which flaunt future storylines on a weekly basis.
But it’s not just tabloid newspapers and magazines involved in this game. ITV’s very own website now offers online trailers for several future episodes at a time.
The MEN does make an exception to our general rule when a storyline is so widely known – and trailed – that it would be a bit daft to shy away from it.
That’s the decision we made yesterday when ITV Granada issued a total of 26 new photos from this Friday’s Coronation Street.

As you can see, they feature Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) battering bully boy builder Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) with an ornament.
He doesn’t actually die in the two episodes screened on Friday. You’ll have to wait until next week for that.
Charlie’s death sets up a murder trial for Tracy with another Corrie cliffhanger. Is she found guilty and jailed for life or does her carefully plotted claim of self-defence fool the jury, as well as her mum Deirdre?
There’s a full report – with one of the photos – in today’s MEN. Those red tops are also carrying the story and pics today.
Now you’d have to have been living under a Freshco carrier bag on the Red Rec to have missed the fact that Charlie was going to be murdered – and that actress Kate is also leaving Weatherfield this year.
So what’s your view on soap spoilers? Do you want to read them – or do they really spoil your enjoyment of what appears on screen?
Perhaps you’re more concerned about the level of sex on the Street?

Tracy is dressed for a lap dance before she lashes out at Charlie and last week did the washing up in stockings and suspenders.
There have been several sexual references between her and Charlie over the last few months – is that just par for the course in a modern soap, even one watched by young children?
Or are you more worried about violence? Charlie’s beating up of Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) on Monday was certainly brutal.
Now we’re about to see another Street murder.
Do you want to read spoilers? Is Corrie getting it right when it comes to sex and violence?
What’s your view? Let me know by posting a comment below. And don’t worry, your email address won’t appear online.
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