Doctor Who: Bovvered?

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant gave nothing away about his future at today’s first screening of the Time Lord’s latest Christmas special.
It was a relatively early start in London’s Soho, bearing in mind he’d been at yesterday’s wedding of Little Britain star Matt Lucas.
For those anxious to know about Matt’s panto-themed reception, David went as Buttons and Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies was, of course, a Dame.
Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride is an hour-long festive adventure which will be shown on BBC1 at 7pm on Christmas Day.
Catherine Tate guest stars as woman in white Donna Noble, a grown-up and toned down version of her schoolgirl comedy character Lauren – but still very definitely “bovvered”.

Donna sets off down the aisle at St Mary’s Church in Chiswick to the sound of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.
But as we saw in the closing moments of the second series, she doesn’t quite make it to the other end – materialising in the Tardis instead.
What follows is a fast-moving action adventure, including a return to the moment the Earth was created.
Back in Chiswick, the wedding reception goes ahead without Donna in the Manchester Suite of a local hotel, with a new twist on those killer Christmas trees.
And it all eventually concludes with a nice touch of “basic atmospheric excitation”.

David, Russell and Catherine were joined at today’s launch by Sarah Parish (right), unrecognisable as the baddie – a giant spider called the Empress of Racnoss.
And David was asked yet again if the 13-part third series, on screen next spring, will be his last full series in the role.
“I haven’t hinted anything to anybody,” he replied. “I’m very careful about not hinting anything ever, because from the moment I accepted this job, it was, ‘When are you leaving?’ A boy could get a complex.
“So I have tried to remain as non-committal on that as possible. And I think I shall maintain that stance today.”
New assistant Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, makes her first appearance in the new series.
Meanwhile BBC1 controller Peter Fincham is already looking ahead to the fourth season of the sci-fi revival.
“It’s been a great ride over the last couple of years,” he said. “There’s a long way to go yet with Doctor Who in its new and modern incarnation.”
The Time Lord, still mourning the loss of Rose Tyler to a parallel universe, eventually warms to Donna.
But she refuses his offer to join him on his travels. Was David bovvered?
“I was devastated, of course,” laughed the leading man. “It’s funny, after watching that, thinking, ‘They would have made a great team.’
“It’s a bit of a shame, I think. It would have been a slightly unconventional pairing – they don’t necessarily get on too well at first, but I think by the end they’ve rather fallen for each other.”
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