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AN early morning train to the countryside today to meet up with John Nettles on location for the new series of Midsomer Murders.
Sitting in the drawing room of a grand old house, he was relaxed and dry-witted as ever, despite the demands of the filming schedule.
More from John in the New Year, including his adventures in a helicopter while filming in Snowdonia.
Fans will be glad to know that he has no thoughts of retiring from the role of Det Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby as he heads into his 10th series.
But Midsomer Murders executive producer Brian True-May is looking ahead to a possible new project for John when he finally hands in his police ID.
It’s called Over Here, a drama which could replace Foyle’s War, with Nettles playing the leader of an English village during World War Two.

“I’m talking about some years down the line,” explained Brian, “but he can gracefully retire and then move into doing something like this, which I think would suit him quite well.
“I’ve talked it through with him and he’s very interested. I look at that as a possible future. But it’s early days.”
John is happy to keep playing Barnaby for as long as he can remain convincing in the role.
And Brian believes that means he can go on for a few years yet. “I sort of feel that he’d probably eventually rather leave on a high, rather than it start to tail off.”
John is currently filming a new Midsomer mystery with old friend Liza Goddard, who co-starred with him in several episodes of Bergerac as diamond thief Philippa Vale.
“The BBC have been on several times asking him to do another Bergerac – moved on, which I think, quite frankly, is daft,” added Brian. “That would muddy the waters a bit.”
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