Midsomer Murders 2007

AN early morning train to the countryside today to meet up with John Nettles on location for the new series of Midsomer Murders.
Sitting in the drawing room of a grand old house, he was relaxed and dry-witted as ever, despite the demands of the filming schedule.
More from John in the New Year, including his adventures in a helicopter while filming in Snowdonia.
Fans will be glad to know that he has no thoughts of retiring from the role of Det Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby as he heads into his 10th series.
But Midsomer Murders executive producer Brian True-May is looking ahead to a possible new project for John when he finally hands in his police ID.
It’s called Over Here, a drama which could replace Foyle’s War, with Nettles playing the leader of an English village during World War Two.

“I’m talking about some years down the line,” explained Brian, “but he can gracefully retire and then move into doing something like this, which I think would suit him quite well.
“I’ve talked it through with him and he’s very interested. I look at that as a possible future. But it’s early days.”
John is happy to keep playing Barnaby for as long as he can remain convincing in the role.
And Brian believes that means he can go on for a few years yet. “I sort of feel that he’d probably eventually rather leave on a high, rather than it start to tail off.”
John is currently filming a new Midsomer mystery with old friend Liza Goddard, who co-starred with him in several episodes of Bergerac as diamond thief Philippa Vale.
“The BBC have been on several times asking him to do another Bergerac – moved on, which I think, quite frankly, is daft,” added Brian. “That would muddy the waters a bit.”
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9 responses to “Midsomer Murders 2007

  1. Hi,
    I think it’s great that Midsomer Murders is going to be around for a long time, espcially as it has really taken off in other countries too. I speak to people from the States and Australia that really love it!
    Great News!

  2. sandra

    great news,
    i always look forward to seeing midsomer murders on my tv. just saw the last “new” episode on dutch tv wednesday (last year’s model, i think was the name).
    can’t wait for more new stuff, but meanwhile i’ll watch my dvd’s…

  3. Joann

    I love Midsomer Murders and despite the body count I would give anything to live in one of those villages!
    As far as the latest series, we are well behind the times here (Singapore) but fortunately they seem to be producing the DVD’s with a remarkably (and commendable) quick turnaround.
    I hope it contnues for a long time to come and look forward to returning home next year and taking a good look around the shooting locations.

  4. Usha Sundaram

    I keep posting this message in as many websites about Midsomer Murders as possible. I am a great fan of this series and I am trying to start a DVD collection. Amazon does not seem to stock the complete collection of the series in chronological order and I am very confused. Could someone help pls?

  5. Ian Wylie

    Usha – I think the simple answer may possibly be that the complete DVD collection of Midsomer Murders is not available at the moment – at least online.
    As you’ve probably discovered, HMV Online has Vols 1 to 4 currently on sale, more or less the same as Amazon. The latter also has Vols 5 and 7, but not in European DVD format.
    Have you looked on eBay? There are many current DVD results for Midsomer Murders, including the boxed sets, though almost certainly not all of them.
    I’d also look out in TV mags like Radio Times, which sometimes have adverts for the “Complete Collection” of certain dramas.
    Not sure why all the DVDs don’t appear to be currently available. It may be something to do with ITV holding the rights to repeats, which are now regularly scheduled in daytime. Or it may be some huge collection is being timed to come out for next Christmas. Will ask the Midsomer people next time we speak.

  6. Debora

    Hello, I live in Italy and watch this wonderful series on the Italian TV, on “LaSette Channel”. I’m so happy this is going to be around for a long time… the stories are always very well written, the actors are fantastic and the locations… God, I love to see those places!!!!
    Keep up the good work… see ya!

  7. Richard

    Why can’t I see this great program any longer on BBC America? I really miss it.

  8. Francis

    We really enjoy Midsomer Murders and would like to know why all the episodes show in the UK aren’t on DVD? (or are they).
    Does anyone out there have info on how to obtain those? Trade?
    Thank you.

  9. dottie taylor

    I live in the U.S. and the only way I’ve been to see the Midsomers Murders is by buying the DVD’s (1-11) But I came upon a British site that listed quite a few un heard of sets. When will the older ones be made available…they some so intriguring. For ex. The Christmas Collection, Picture of Innonance, Bad Tidings , Death in a Chocolate Box. Hope it will be soon…Or if you can tell me where to find the older prints would be great too…this series is a great past time and a mind bender always to the very end. Thanks for your time on reading this e-mail.

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