Wild At Heart

IT’S a strange time of the year in TV land.
While normal souls are looking forward to Christmas telly, we’re already watching the stuff that’ll be screened in January and beyond.
That includes a second series of Wild At Heart, which was a huge hit for ITV1 earlier this year, with audiences of over 10 million.
Which is why I put off the festive shopping yet again today and headed for ITV Network Centre in London to watch two new episodes filmed in the heat of the African plains.

Amanda Holden, who plays wife and mum Sarah, entered into the spirit of it all by wearing a leopard-print dress.
She spoke about filming the new series with baby daughter Lexi – one next month – on location with her in South Africa.
Amanda is also looking forward to an imminent Cutting It reunion. “We’re having our Christmas lunch soon, meeting up with all the girls.”
Stephen Tompkinson – last seen alongside Helen Mirren in the final Prime Suspect – stars as vet Danny.
He is heading for The Lowry next March in a new production of Charley’s Aunt, directed by Mel Smith.
Stephen has also been talking to Robson Green about a possible return for ITV nineties hit Grafters – in which they played brothers Trevor and Joe.
“Robson and I would definitely be keen to reunite again,” he said.
And he doesn’t rule out going back to the role of Ballykissangel’s Father Peter Clifford. “I’d love to find out what’s happened to him.”
Meanwhile Lucy-Jo Hudson, who played Corrie’s Killer Katy, will never forget a spot of unplanned drama after arriving in Africa to reprise her role as Rosie.
You can read about it via the link below.
Actress In Elephant Terror
Update – links to MEN Wild At Heart second series features:
Return To The Wild Side
Stephen’s A Natural With His Co-Stars



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107 responses to “Wild At Heart

  1. Hi, do you know the exact date it is back on?

  2. Ian Wylie

    Yes – but ITV has yet to officially publish its schedule for that week. Will post the date here as soon as they do.

  3. Emma

    when does the wild at heart new series start

  4. Ian Wylie

    Emma – it’s due to start later this month but the schedule for that week has still to be officially confirmed. Check back here a couple of days from now.

  5. when is wild at heart starting again.i enjoyed the last series

  6. Ian Wylie

    Noleen – see my comment immediately above your question.

  7. Ian Wylie

    As the schedule has now been officially published, I’m able to post the start date as promised: Wild At Heart will begin on ITV1 at 8pm on Sunday January 14th.

  8. kelly

    Wild at Heart is well good i watched all the last series and i cant wait until the new one when i saw the advert and it kept saying coming soon and i was gettin realy annoyed but now i no it starts back again on the 14 january 2007

  9. sion

    i’ve just missed the first episode of the new series 😦 does any one know where i can see this again

  10. Ian Wylie

    Sion – as far as I’m aware, the first ep is not being repeated.

  11. priscilla

    wild at heart is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very vert very very very very very very very very good i love it is so good all the people are fantastic i have watched all the series i love it

  12. wild at heart is the best i watched the last series and now this one is back i watch this one to its the best!!!!!!

  13. Fay Stuart

    Is there anywhere where I can obtain a CD of the music played during this series of Wild At Heart? Thank you.
    Fay Stuart

  14. Ian Wylie

    Fay – no CD available at the moment, I’m afraid.

  15. marina sollis

    Please please is there any chance in the near future that we will be able to get the music to Wild at Heart as I’m addicted to it.

  16. diane

    Hi – can you tell me if wild at heart is repeated at all it says on my tv guide its on again next sat as i missed last sunday but cant find it on my tv guide.

  17. Ian Wylie

    Marina – I’ve asked ITV if there are any plans to release a CD of the music. Will post back here as soon as I know.

  18. Ian Wylie

    Diane – as far as I can tell, Wild At Heart is not repeated on Saturdays or at any other time of the week. Sorry!

  19. Laura

    Hey just wna say i love wild at heart and would never miss it but sadly i missed it on sunday due 2 being at a concert so is there any chance i can watch it online anywhere?

  20. chloe

    I think it’s all good and I am only 12. That’s my best film. I will love to see u all and that teenager should go out with that man who is with her all the time.

  21. chloe

    Hi ya. Did you get my post. Hope so. I would like some books of this and how old is that boy?

  22. Ian Wylie

    Chloe – presume you mean the young actor Luke Ward Wilkinson, who plays Evan? Not sure of his exact age, but you can read more about him here:

  23. tony west

    the music is wonderful….they must bring out a cd of it. Heres hoping!

  24. Ian Wylie

    Have yet to hear the latest back from ITV on any poss music CD. I will post an answer as soon as I have one.

  25. Ben Robson

    When is the second series being released on to dvd?

  26. Ian Wylie

    Ben – the DVD of series two is currently scheduled for release on April 2nd.


    I agree with the previous comments re music from the series Wild at Heart. Normally we are bombarded with TV merchandise, so come on ITV release a CD from the series. What a money spinner for you that would be and it would make us happy.

  28. martyn baker

    i love the show and i want the dvd set of it

  29. tracey thomson

    hi everyone. i am so happy 4 luke doin wild at heart bless him. luv ya luv traceyxxxxxxxxx

  30. jean frost

    Can you plse tell mw where Wild at Heart is filmed in South Africa

  31. Ian Wylie

    Jean – Wild At Heart is filmed in an area around Glen Afrique. The nearest city is Johannesburg.
    And for those waiting for news of a possible music CD release, I checked with ITV yet again this week and there’s still no sign of it happening. ITV have promised to keep me updated.
    Also check out the new links (at the bottom of the blog entry) to the MEN features about the second series.

  32. antonia thaxter

    I like Rose, she is so funny.

  33. Jeff Smith

    Which artists produce the music for Wild at Heart? The credits at the end are squished up and in small print and I haven’t yet got the name. There may not be an ITV CD but their other music might appeal instead.

  34. Ian Wylie

    Jeff – not sure about the artists (I’ve passed your question on to ITV for an answer) but the series composers are listed as Norwell and Green. That’s Tristin Norwell and Nick Green, who have also written music for other TV series like Waterloo Road, 55 Degrees North and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Check them out via Google.

  35. audreywareham

    please lets have music from series. hope dup recovers from his attack. brill series.

  36. hazel williams

    I would love a copy of the theme song for Wild At Heart. I heard it may not be even released. Please please tell me where i can get a copy……

  37. su filer

    How can I get hold of the music please for wild at heart.
    When does the next series begin?
    Tis so brilliant.

  38. stef

    hi i no wild at heart has just finished but is there goin to be another series thanks xx

  39. anoymous

    hi, could you please tell me Sarah’s and Danny’s surname in the programme – Wild At Heart?
    many thanks.

  40. Ian Wylie

    I don’t usually publish anonymous comments but…Sarah and Danny’s surname is Trevanion.

  41. jess

    who sings the wild at heart song at the beginning of the program?

  42. Meg Stanton

    Just love the house in wild at heart. Where can I get photos and a house plan?

  43. Ian Wylie

    A third series of Wild At Heart begins filming next month (June 2007) but Amanda Holden has been quoted as saying she will be leaving the show at some stage during the new series. Still no news on any music CD release.

  44. Cliff

    Any info about music on the show CD and etc

  45. Ian Wylie

    Cliff – ITV still has no info about any CD release of the music. It’s not looking promising, I’m afraid.

  46. Ben Welsh

    Hi do you know when wild at heart will be on again?

  47. Ian Wylie

    Ben – no transmission date yet for the next series, but it’ll probably be back in January or soon after.

  48. Kate Todd

    What is the CD for Wild At Heart and NCIS?

  49. chris

    When does the next series start, because i really enjoyed the last two???

  50. Ian Wylie

    Chris – the new series starts at 7.50pm on Sunday January 20th.

  51. Emiily

    OMG Do yuu kno tht sarah (amanda holden) is leaving in the middle of series 3 . I cnt belioeve cuz i luuv her sooo much shes my fave character out of it lol.
    Btw if ne 1 wnts to kno wen the 2nd series is out on DVD. Its out on the 4th of Feb
    Search in google . ChoicesDirect . n click the first 1.

  52. lauren

    hey how old is the lad who plays evan in real life any 1 no ?? its 4 my mate she fancies him.

  53. penny cornelius

    is there still no cd i love the music and the show also can you buy posters

  54. norwell and green

    If you are interested in obtaining the music please let us know by writing to info@norwellandgreen.co.uk and we’ll let you know what we’re doing about it!
    Thanks very much for your interest.

  55. Mary-Jane

    Please let me know more about the music in wild at heart. You have just got to release a cd with it on. Its so brilliant PLLLLLLLLLLease

  56. I think Evan is ok he’s nice x……x

  57. michelle elsey

    is there a cd of the music coming out yet, as i think it beautiful music and would love to get the cd when available

  58. Ian Wylie

    Michelle – see the comment from Norwell and Green (the composers) three posts above your comment.

  59. jane

    i have just received the second series of wild at heart discs, fantastic. does anyone know where in south africa the series is based. it’s just that i am flying out in 2 months to SA and would love to visit. i’ve enjoyed the new series so far, hope it never ends. it’s fantastic.

  60. Ian Wylie

    Jane – the exact location is not disclosed but it’s around 10 mins drive from the Jack Nicklaus-designed Pecanwood Golf & Country Club Estate, which is itself an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria on the banks of the Hartbeesport Dam and with views of the Magaliesburg mountains. For more go to:
    And if you haven’t done so already, check out later and more recent Wild At Heart blogs and TV features via the “Wild At Heart” link in the top right “Categories” menu on this page.

  61. ashley

    i love the show it is the best keep making more and more and more
    i like sundays now because wild at heart is on and you can talk about the loges more and u can do the place u relly good and keep make and make
    i love the show.

  62. Carol thornton

    I love Wild at heart, i never miss an episode. I adore the Music and would love to get hold of it.
    When is it going to be released

  63. becca

    I love wild at heart it’s fantastic! me and my family want to know if there will be a series 4? thanks

  64. karen

    please can you tell me if wild at heart will be filming another series?

  65. amanda strong

    I’ve just missed the last episode!!! I thought I’d recorded it on sky plus but obviously not – help – does anyone know if it’s on again – perhaps on ITV2 or some other channel? Thanks Amanda

  66. Ian Wylie

    Amanda – you can watch the final episode (available for 30 days after tonight) via the ITV website at:
    Becca / Karen – the assumption is that there will be another series but I have yet to hear of any official confirmation. Will check it out again tomorrow.

  67. amy jackson

    i love wild at heart i hope it stays on forever it made me cry when there was no water and lots of animals dying i love the music its brilliant next time you should copy them on a cd i wanted to buy them lol thankyou from amy jackson.

  68. Ian Wylie

    An update – my understanding is that there will be a fourth series, even though it has yet to be officially announced.

  69. sally fisher

    hi i think it is so sad that you decide to take sarah out of wild at heart .when will the next series start.

  70. Ian Wylie

    Sally – if you read later blogs and MEN TV feature interviews, you’ll see that it was actress Amanda Holden’s own decision to leave the series, forcing the character’s exit. A new series – still to be officially announced – would be screened in 2009.

  71. sarah mcginn

    i missed the last episode last sunday night did rosie get married

  72. tom

    does any1 know the songs off wild at heart? much appreciated thanxs tom

  73. Ian Wylie

    ITV has now confirmed that a new series of Wild At Heart will begin filming later this year (2008) for broadcast in 2009.
    And for those asking about the music, see the Feb 3 2008 comment above plus email link for Norwell and Green.
    Also don’t forget to check out later Wild At Heart blogs via the link under “Categories” – top right on this page.

  74. krystal

    i missed the last episode of the wedding, does anyone know where i can watch this online?

  75. lesley

    does anyone know if series 3 of wild at heart is going to be released on dvd

  76. emma gurton

    wild at heart is come on dvd in 2009 i
    hope this help you lesley from emma

  77. Has anyone managed to obtain a copy of the music from “Wild at Heart” yet ?

  78. Mary

    Has anyone received a copy of the CD from Norwell and Green yet ? I requested one ages ago but nothing has arrived.

  79. D.J.Ward-Wilkinson.

    Its good to know a 4th series is to be
    recorded later this year of Wild at Heart for viewing in 2009. Luke Ward-Wilkinson plays a very good Evan.

  80. katie

    PLZ does anyone no where you can watch the episode of the fire and the funeral it doesnt come up on you tube so where else can i watch it plzz tell me i missed it x

  81. I have just received my audio CD from Norwell and Green of the music from “Wild at Heart” – it is fantastic.

  82. elizabeth oakley

    hi i would like to know where i can get series three of wild at heart on dvd . I was away and missed it. Have looked online but cannot find it .. thank you.

  83. Ian Wylie

    Hi Elizabeth – as far as I know, series three has not yet been released on DVD.

  84. Karine

    Hi Mary Barrass! Just wondering how you got the audio cd from Wild at Heart, did they send it to you?

  85. Joyce Clark

    I’m from the U.S. and love this program. I bought the first two years from Ebay UK and actually bought a Pal Recorder for this purpose. Can’t wait for the third season to be released on DVD so I can see it too. You are all so lucky. They haven’t played it in the states yet.

  86. Jane

    The first series has just hit NZ and is a big hit. I too would love to get a copy of the music and have requested several times through the link as mentioned above. Can anyone tell me how long it takes?

  87. Karine

    I tried the link too but never received anything.

  88. Carol

    can anyone tell me if the CD is out for the wild at heart music….it is awesome and also…… and…..why is there no decent pics of Deon Stewardson……or any info at all. I would like him as my wallpaper on my pc!!!!!! or even a calender of him…………. oh all right… the rest of the cast as well!!! Can’t wait for the new series.

  89. Anonymous

    I sent email ages ago to norwellandgreen but got no reply?

  90. Joanna Withington

    Please please please could the music be released as it is so completely beautiful and relaxing.

  91. Tristin Norwell

    So sorry not to get back to you all sooner – we are still finishing off Series Four!
    It looks like you may soon be able to purchase downloads of the music to Wild At Heart from an online distributor. Aplologies for the lack of news, but please be patient – we will let you know more as soon as possible! And thank you for all your lovely emails…we don’t mean to ignore you…
    Norwell & Green

  92. sam

    wild at heart is the best program ever. i think that evan (luke ward wilkinson) is one of the best actors ever, i love his acting. i hope wild at heart carries on going. i also think danny is a good actor. i am so glad for luke doing wild at heart love him he is so brave. i wish i was like him. and for anyone wanting to know lukes (evan’s) age i think he is about 18. i would love more info about him.

  93. nicola clark

    i like all of you but rosse is the best and she is pregnant and is it a girl or boy

  94. David

    agree with all comments re music and demand for a cd issue. in the meantime, having a passion for good African music, can I recommend to you all a guy named Hennie Bekker? He was born in Zambia, has travelled all over Africa and is now resident in Canada where he just puts out music, music, music. He has done an African Trilogy plus a fourth cd of purely African music. not just the drumbeats, but a few of those, some animals sounds, rainfall, etc. This all in support of an orchestral background makes for fabulous African music, far better than the Norwell & Green stuff which I also like. Go on, give it a try. If you go to you tube and hit Hennie Bekker, you should find a sample of his African-style music for your pleasure!. David

  95. Robin

    I tryed the address for the music but got no luck can anybody post a link were it can be downloaded? Is there a contact address for norwell and green?

  96. charles quaye

    whats the name of the last music and by which artist i mean when the credits is rolling up , the back background music is so nice and funky.

  97. fay b

    does anyone know where i can find more info about luke ward – wilkinson please ?

  98. Lisbet Stårup

    We finaly enjoy “Wild at heart” here in Denmark. But.. can anyone tell me, how to get hold of the music used in it ? every time an episode is ending, there is some wonderfull traditional african music and singing. I would like to know where to buy that. Can anyone tell me ?

  99. Daniel Roden

    i absolutely love it but do you guys and gals know when it gets repeated if you miss an episode ive looked on itv 2 but cant seem to find it
    many thanks dan

  100. Rory Macrae

    r u havin a series seven

  101. Don

    having just seen my first episode of wild @ heart I would love to Know who writes it.

  102. Ian Wylie

    Don – click on the link in the right-hand menu to the other Wild At Heart blogs. The series was created by Ashley Pharoah and is written by a variety of people.

  103. Matthew Scrupps

    when is the new seres on? Can’t Wait!

  104. Joyce from the USA

    Dear Ian
    Just forgot to add to my note:
    I received an email this week ( after many others ) from Norwell & Green that they hope to have the music available in a couple of months, apparently they kept having problems getting it published, I hope this time it works, Thanks again

  105. Edward Kerby

    WOW! I did not realise how many people felt the same about wild At Heart as I do!!!! Ed.

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