Strictly Confidential

SURANNE Jones and the cast of her new TV drama will be nervously awaiting the verdicts of viewers and critics tonight.
Strictly Confidential pushes the boundaries with a six-part tale of sex and death.
Former Coronation Street star Suranne spoke about her latest project at a press launch in London last month.
She sat alongside co-stars Cristian Solimeno, who plays her husband Richard, and Tristan Gemmill, who takes the role of his brother Greg, plus writer Kay Mellor.
Oldham-born actress Suranne takes the lead as psycho-sexual therapist Linda Nelson and mostly took the part in her stride.

But she confessed to being stopped in her tracks during filming of one scene, when she caught sight of an unexpected moment of nudity.
“It put me off my line,” she laughed.
Actress Stacey Roca has a central role in tonight’s opening ITV1 episode as sex addict Claudie Stephenson.
She also appears throughout the series in flashback scenes.
Was Stacey worried about filming? “I really enjoyed it,” she told us. “It was definitely a learning curve.”
Ex-Corrie star Eva Pope plays Det Sgt Angie Morton, who also happens to be Linda’s former lover.
“There’s a flashback to our relationship in the past and a joke about us both being quite well endowed – involving bouncy castles,” smiled Eva.
“You can’t take it too seriously. It’s so funny, apart from everything else.”
Another former Street actress – Nikki Sanderson – guest stars tonight as Tiffany in her first nude TV scene. Her mum is played by one-time Weatherfield favourite Tracy Brabin.
Still known to millions as hairdresser Candice Stowe, Nikki told GMTV this morning that her brother was against her taking the role.
“He was just like, ‘You’re not doing it.’ It took him a few days to come round to the idea – but he’s great with it now.”
Strictly Confidential begins on ITV1 at 9pm tonight.
Let’s Talk About Sex…Nikki



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30 responses to “Strictly Confidential

  1. Jessica Morton

    Great programme! I missed the end credits, and would like to find out who the actor was that played the newly wed husband, Jeff, in episode one as I think he gave a terrific performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  2. Ian Wylie

    Jessica – Jeff was played by David Leon, who also played Troy in Cutting It.

  3. Marie

    Is the show repeated at all?

  4. Ian Wylie

    As far as I know, Marie, there are no current repeats.

  5. Tony Brett

    In episode four there were two faces of past TV. One was the other male sex therapist at the conference who was originally in Soldier Soldier. The other who I cant put my finger on was the band manager. Please tell me what he has starred in before.

  6. Ian Wylie

    Tony – the three male guest stars in episode four were Paul McEwan (Steve), Tony Maudsley (Dave) and Mark Womack (Phil).

  7. Cal Parry

    I missed last weeks episode. Can I watch it via the ITV webpage?

  8. Ian Wylie

    I’m afraid not, Cal. But you can read a very short episode description at:
    Otherwise, the series is likely to repeated on ITV4 at some stage next year.

  9. claire

    does anyone know if there is going to be another series of it or whether this was just a one off six part drama?

  10. Ian Wylie

    Claire – no word yet on any second series. A behind the scenes documentary is screened on ITV3 at 10pm this Thursday, immediately after the final episode on ITV1.

  11. Laura Ward

    what a fantastic programe. I really hope they make another series. will the first series be avaliable to buy on dvd?

  12. wow wat a excellent preformance from suranne jones she has always been one of my favorite actresses but that lass has talent the whole progamme was done incredably well and well done to all that appeared in the programme all of them acted incredable

  13. Ian Wylie

    Laura – no sign at the moment of any DVD release of the first series.

  14. gary

    anyone know how i can see the last episode? i watched all 5 then forgot to record the last one!!! is there a repeat on digital or a dvd release?

  15. Carole Tonkin

    I missed last night’s final episode! Help! How can I find out what happened?

  16. Ian Wylie

    There’s a short episode synopsis at:
    but it doesn’t spell out how it ended. I could post the details of the ending here, but that would spoil it for those looking to see a repeat of the ep.
    As posted above, there is no sign at the moment of a DVD release but I would expect a repeat run on one of the other ITV channels in 2007.

  17. gary

    not sure if i’m allowed to say this on here but last episode (and others) can be found online if you know where to look. i wont say where but i can if allowed.

  18. Sue

    Hi to Gary Please could you give me the site i am sure it’s allowed as I also missed the last 20 mins of the last episode( due to someone turning over the tv whilst videoing it!) I am desperate to find out what happened.

  19. amy

    Hi, i missed last nights episode, will it be repeated on ITV2 any time?

  20. Lucy

    please do i missed it and i am DESPERATE to watch it

  21. Ian Wylie

    I assume Gary is referring to sites like BitTorrent and others.
    There are legal issues involving copyright, so I cannot post a direct link to the last episode here. But go to:
    and scroll down for more background info.

  22. Diane

    I missed the whole last episode aswell..cannot find anywhere on the net that spells out the final episode!!

  23. Ian Wylie

    OK. This is what happened in the final episode. Stop reading now if you still hope to catch a repeat and don’t want to know:
    Linda (Suranne Jones) and Greg (Tristan Gemmill) were caught in a compromising position by the security guard at the Reconcile offices. They had to call receptionist Janice (Nimmy March) to confirm their identities before they could leave. Janice was in a foul mood for the rest of the ep, fully knowing what was going on between them.
    Linda was delighted to discover she was pregnant and later told Greg. They both said they loved each other and talked about how they could be together.
    After doing more digging about Claudie’s (Stacey Roca) death, Linda established that Angie (Eva Pope) had been with Claudie when she died.
    Meanwhile an angry Richard (Cristian Solimeno) arrived at the sex therapy offices and confronted Linda and Greg, saying he knew about their affair.
    Richard had previously called at Angie’s flat to tell Ruth that Angie and Linda were together the night before. But Ruth told him she had seen Linda getting into Greg’s car – and Richard realised the truth.
    All four ended up at Penny (Kate Isitt) and Greg’s house as Greg desperately tried to keep the secret from his wife. But Penny surprised Greg by telling him she had known about his affair for a while. She told her husband he must never seen Linda again.
    Richard and Linda then drove back to their flat where Angie was waiting. Linda confronted her and Angie eventually broke down, admitting she had met Claudie when looking for Linda after the corporate training weekend seen at the very start of ep one.
    She confessed she had been with Claudie when she died – but it was a tragic accident…not murder.
    Linda believed her and said she would support Angie – but an emotional Angie said when the facts got out they would ruin her career etc.
    Angie made her way to the top of the apartment block and, despite tearful pleas from Linda, jumped to her death.
    The drama then cut to a future date, with Linda and her young child at a playground. They were joined by Greg, seeing his child for the very first time, making clear that Linda and Greg were not together. Both said they had missed each other but Linda didn’t have much time and had to go.
    Camera pulled back and the closing titles rolled.
    Hope that helps!

  24. Shelley Bacall

    Really keen to see the ITV3 follow-up ‘Behind the scenes’. Any idea how I can get hold of a copy?

  25. Ian Wylie

    No sign of any imminent repeat, Shelley, or of a DVD release.

  26. olu

    really great series, thought me a lot of things, even thinking of studying sex therapy.

  27. laura

    i think the show is great will it be back again

  28. Steve Meredith

    This was a good series, when will it be out on dvd.

  29. Ian Wylie

    Steve – still no sign of ITV releasing this series on DVD.

  30. well_gurl

    Do you know what type of bike Linda drives in the series?

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