Prime Suspect: The End

THE preview DVD has been on my desk all week. Last night I finally got time to watch it. And then I had to watch it again.
Do not miss the second part of Prime Suspect: The Final Act on ITV1 at 9pm tomorrow night.
Having seen the first part at a preview screening over five weeks ago, this last ever case for Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison looked to be the TV event of the year.
Part two doesn’t disappoint – even knowing in advance that the final few minutes of the drama are missing from preview copies.

Does burned out alcoholic Jane – heading for a lonely old age – die at the end? I can’t tell you, and wouldn’t spoil the conclusion even if I knew.
My DVD cuts off at a moment of high drama with the helpful on screen message: “The remainder of this episode is witheld until transmission.”
Helen appeared to give the game away when we interviewed her after that screening of part one last month.
But we’ll all just have to watch tomorrow night to find out the truth.
Prime Suspect is still head and shoulders above other TV dramas in almost every department.
Helen grabs the headlines for her superb acting performance. But she was keen to give credit to some of the younger members of the cast in this story, who were also at the screening.

That includes teenage actress Laura Greenwood (right), who is simply brilliant as Penny Phillips, close friend of murder victim Sallie Sturdy.
The concluding part also features some poignant exchanges between a soon to retire Tennison and her Welsh colleague Det Sgt Alun “Taff” Simms, played by Robert Pugh.
One repeats a line about the Queen from the very first Prime Suspect, as Jane sits in a police interview room and contemplates her leaving party.
Tennison: “Well, that’s it then. Whatever you do, don’t hire a stripper for the party.”
Simms: “I can’t believe you’re really leaving.”
Tennison: “Well, I’ve had a good run, Taff. Dozens of convictions, three commendations, two for bravery, one for excellence. More than most.”
Simms: “First female DCI.”
Tennison: “First Jane Tennison DCI.”
Simms: “Sorry, Ma’am.”
Tennison: “Don’t call me Ma’am, I’m not the bloody Queen.”
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