Coronation Street: It’s Time To Vote, Innit?

“YOU’VE been wonderful – thank you for voting.”
That’s the message you’ll get if you vote online in the National Television Awards.
If there’s any justice – and there usually isn’t – Sue Cleaver will be voted Most Popular Actress for her portrayal of Coronation Street’s Eileen Grimshaw.
Sue has earned a deserved nomination alongside Billie Piper (Doctor Who), Evangeline Lilly (Lost), Lacey Turner (EastEnders) and Ursula Holden-Gill (Emmerdale).
Now is the time for Corrie fans to unite. Stop what you’re doing and take a minute to vote online at the NTA site.

Aside from Sue, there’s a Most Popular Newcomer nomination for Corrie teenager Nikki Patel (below right), who has shone as Dev’s determined schoolgirl daughter Amber Kalirai.
Bradley Walsh (Danny Baldwin) is again nominated as Most Popular Actor with Richard Fleeshman (Craig Harris) up for the new award of Most Popular TV contender for his victorious stint in Soapstar Superstar.

More EastEnders fans tend to vote for the National Television Awards compared to Corrie viewers – which is how the BBC1 soap won the Most Popular Serial Drama last year, even though the Street had been on top form.
The same thing will happen again, unless you do something about it. As Amber would say – it’s time to vote, innit?
I’ll be at the Royal Albert Hall for the awards, hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald, on Tuesday Oct 31. They are broadcast on ITV1 the next night.
* Coronation Street actress Jenny Platt, who plays Rovers barmaid Violet Wilson, has news for Jamie Baldwin (Rupert Hill) in tonight’s episode.
I met up with Jenny recently and she told me how she’d like unlucky-in-love Violet to be happy. “But for me, as an actress, I’d love her to become a murderer or something, because it’s much more fun to play.”
The scripts have yet to be written, but for those who like to know what’s coming up in Corrie, she may get the chance sooner than she thinks
Or then again, she might not.
The online version of today’s MEN interview with Jenny is here.
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