Coronation Street On The Move?

COULD Coronation Street be on the move from Manchester?
The news was broken in a front page exclusive in yesterday’s MEN.
Today’s Sunday Mirror followed up our story, some 24 hours later.
But they put their own “exclusive” tag on the top, which is a load of cobbles…if I say so myself.

No decisions have been taken about the future of ITV Granada’s Quay Street site in Manchester.
It’s entirely possible that Corrie will stay where it is – TV bosses have always been very reluctant to consider moving the Weatherfield set.
But it’s also not impossible that the Street could transfer to another location if ITV decide, for example, to join the BBC at Salford’s new ‘mediacity:uk’.
Part of the Quay Street site is already earmarked for development. But a sale of the entire plot would raise a tidy sum. Much may depend on the attitude of the new ITV chief executive, whoever that may be.
The BBC move itself is, of course, not a done deal and may not happen. You can read the very latest about that particular soap opera in tomorrow’s MEN.
Monday Oct 16th update – click here for today’s latest BBC story.
Manchester council are keen to keep Granada in the city. And if the BBC North project does fall at the final hurdle, the Quay Street site may well be viewed in a different light.
One thing is certain. The next few months will be crucial for all those interested in the future of both the BBC and ITV Granada in Greater Manchester.
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