Revelation Street

THE stars of Coronation Street were out in London last night to reveal dramatic highlights of the show over the coming months.
Devastation, revelation, manipulation and celebration were the themes at a venue near Liverpool Street station, on the border of EastEnders country.
As well as chatting to cast, producer Steve Frost and other members of the Corrie team, we watched a showreel of what is to come.
“If you thought this summer was hot, then wait for the temperature to rise in Weatherfield this autumn and winter as the residents of Britain’s most famous street find themselves at the centre of some of the most gripping storylines viewers have ever seen,” said a Street spokeswoman.

“Fans of the country’s most watched show will be glued to their seats by the tales of infidelity, death, intrigue, romance, revenge, heartache and even murder.
“Add to the mix a sexy new temptress, a delinquent teenager and a Parisian adventure – it all equates to must see viewing to brighten up the long winter nights.”
From what I saw, and heard, it’s clear that viewers won’t be disappointed by what is to come. Under Steve Frost’s guidance, Corrie is entering a new era with confidence and pride.
I won’t spoil the fun by giving a running commentary on the many storylines ahead, but here’s a short taster.
Fans who don’t want to know what happens should stop reading now.

As many viewers already know, Shelley Unwin (Sally Lindsay) returns at the end of this month with the news that she is pregnant with Charlie Stubbs’ (Bill Ward) baby.
The revelation sets off a dramatic chain of events which reaches into the New Year and the eventual murder of the bully boy builder. But who is the killer?
Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Sally (Sally Whittaker) head for a romantic celebration in Paris in a storyline which sees the departure of Craig (Richard Fleeshman).
October sees the tragic death of butcher Fred Elliott (John Savident) – there were emotional sighs in the room last night when some of his very last scenes were screened – leaving Audrey (Sue Nicholls) and Bev (Susie Blake) in tears.
Frankie (Debra Stephenson) and ex-husband Danny (Bradley Walsh) spend the night together, then she gets close to step-son Jamie (Rupert Hill) at Fred’s funeral.
Rovers barmaid Violet (Jenny Platt) finally decides that she can no longer cope with Jamie’s lack of interest in her.
But shortly after they split, Violet discovers that she is pregnant with his child and is stunned when she finds out about Jamie’s affair with Frankie.

There’s plenty more, including the arrival of Dream Team actress Alison King as Paul Connor’s (Sean Gallagher) wife Carla – a WAG on the cobbles.
Corrie fans may remember Alison’s previous one episode appearance in 2004 as Mrs Fanshaw, a raunchy housewife who seduced Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas).
Liz (Bev Callard) and Steve (Simon Gregson) take over the Rovers and Jason starts to win Sarah (Tina O’Brien) back.
But a surprise arrival in December puts a spanner in the works as a face from the past turns up with an unexpected Christmas present for the Grimshaws, with a big festive storyline for Eileen (Sue Cleaver).
Christmas also sees the discovery of a diary from the past, which leads to some devastating home truths for one family.
I’ll be watching. Will you? Have your say below.
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8 responses to “Revelation Street

  1. Fantastic. Thank you so much for this. I for one can’t wait to see a big Crimbo storyline making more of the wonderful Eileen! Sue Cleaver, you rock.

  2. Michele

    I can’t stand the fact that Fred is leaving!!!!! Here in the US we are only up to Christmas last year – Mike Baldwin hasn’t even left and I have been dreading that. Now this!!! Why are they killing off all the staple characters? Fred and Mike are wonderful!!!

  3. David

    Michele, Corrie aren’t killing these fantastic characters off by choice. Sadly, it’s the actors who are deciding to leave themselves. Fred will be sorely missed when he dies.

  4. Andy

    Fantastic summing up of the upcoming storylines! It all sounds extremely exciting! Especially great that Eileen is getting her deserved storyline. Will be very sad to see some of the characters mentioned leave, however.

  5. Abi

    Thank you so much for a great run down on the storyline. I’m away in Australia for a year and hate the thought of coming home next summer to a whole new raft of faces and not a dickie bird as to what’s gone on. Thank you!

  6. Terry Mills

    I thought the demise of Fred was acted extremely well and it felt quite real. I felt really stressed out when he was wasting time with Audrey when he should have been at the church!!

  7. Enid

    Fred i will miss you on my cori viewing sorry to see you go love Enid xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Mardi Goyette

    I am in Canada and have not yet gotten to the death of Mike. Fred will be sadly missed it wont be the same without him.
    I say….I say

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