Paul O’Grady Returns

AN interview with Paul O’Grady is always memorable.
Whether in a posh restaurant or church hall rehearsal room, he always gives full value and, as you might imagine, doesn’t hold back his views.
So it’s great to know that The New Paul O’Grady Show is returning to Channel 4 on weekdays at 5pm from a week on Monday.
Paul has been inundated with good wishes since his heart attack in the summer. He says: “I found it really overwhelming. There must have been about 7,000 letters.
“Some of them just said, ‘Paul O’Grady, Kent.’ Our postman deserves a bloody medal. It was just incredible.

“I’ve probably got about 2,000 copies of the Alan Carr book on how to give up smoking.
“It was really nice of them, really humbling. It makes you sit there and think, ‘I don’t deserve all this.’”
There’s obvious concern about his health, but he says: “I’m doing really well. I’m on all sorts of medication, but I’m fine, up-and-running.”
Paul is up against Sharon Osbourne’s new ITV1 teatime show, which has been struggling in the ratings.
Mrs O’s 5pm chatshow appears to have lost the X Factor. On Wednesday of this week it attracted 1.2 million viewers but was beaten into fourth place in the ratings behind C4’s Deal Or No Deal (3 million) – followed by A Place In The Sun (1.7 million) – BBC1’s Neighbours (2.9 million) and BBC2’s The Weakest Link (1.9 million).
For once, acid tongue Paul is diplomatic about Sharon’s show. “To be honest, I haven’t seen it.”
You can read more in Monday’s MEN.