Skye’s Not The Limit

IT’S always refreshing when you get an honest answer to an honest question.
Former Bad Girls and Monarch of the Glen actress Simone Lahbib is back on screen next week in Wire In The Blood.
She plays Det Insp Alex Fielding, taking the place of Hermione Norris in the dark and disturbing ITV1 thriller based on the books by Stockport author Val McDermid.
Talking at the press launch for four new Wire films, leading man Robson Green had already warned that Stirling-born Simone was not a lady to mess with.

In past interviews, Simone has always been open and down-to-earth – and this latest chat was no different.
Asked what annoyed her, she replied without hesitation: “My husband. There’s no-one that winds me up as much as he does. I’m sure he enjoys it. I fight all the way. I’m passionate!”
Simone’s other half is Italian-born actor Raffaello Degruttolla, who is often out in Los Angeles and other such places making movies.
Not that Simone, 41, has any Hollywood ambitions. “There’s a possibility that my husband’s going to get a Green Card, which would mean that I would get one quite soon.
“But I’m not a hugely ambitious person and I don’t have great aspirations. But if opportunity knocks, I wouldn’t say no.”
Simone’s first child – daughter Skye – was born last October and was just three months old when mum started filming Wire in Newcastle at the start of this year.
The London based actress has now got both her mum and dad on standby for child care duties between scenes on future filming jobs. “God-willing, at some stage I’ll have two. They can take one each.”



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3 responses to “Skye’s Not The Limit

  1. Debbie Collins

    It’s always great to see Simone back onscreen (after all, there are only so many times you can watch those Bad Girls DVDs). We were lucky enough to see these 4 episodes of Wire in the Blood in Sydney last month and they were a real treat; loved the way Tony and Alex worked together. I hadn’t watched the show before Simone joined the cast, but I’m looking forward to more!

  2. kirsty

    Hey i think that Simone comes across as real down to earth person when she has interviews my favourite thing that i have read about her is ”I have been really drunk and been sick in my handbag on a couple of occasions!” That comment just made me think good for her always up for a laugh i guess she just reminds me of me!!!!

  3. shazz

    You know, it was only after i watched the deleted scenes and outtakes of Bad Girls series 1 and 2,had i realise she was actually what i thought Mandana would be in real life!
    Cheeky,good natured,bashful and full of laughter!
    Mandana is the more pensive,analytical and philosophical of the two.
    Anyway, enjoyed their performances in Bad Girls and now looking for all their previous and present work.

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