The 19th Hole

CHRIS Evans is among the famous faces taking part in the All Star Cup on ITV this Bank Holiday Weekend.
Yet another brainchild of Ant and Dec, golfing celebs from Europe and the USA do battle at the Celtic Manor resort in Wales, which will be the venue for the 2010 Ryder Cup. IE The real thing.
You may remember a similar event last year, which was won by a Europe team including Warrington-born Chris, who is back for more, along with the likes of Ronan Keating.

“In the bar afterwards he’s hilarious because he can’t take his drink,” says Chris of the Irish singer. “He starts off at 100 miles and hour and anyone who knows anything about long distance running knows you don’t start too fast!”
Just after the winning 2005 putt was sunk by Damien Lewis, Ronan had to dash off – but not to the bar.
“My wife went into labour. I had to jump on a plane. I didn’t even get to have a pint with the team. So if we win this year I will be drinking champagne, or Jack Daniels or Guinness out of the All Star Cup.”
Some of you may be bewitched by the prospect of Bruce Forsyth on the same green as Alice Cooper or Corrie’s Bradley Walsh taking on Dallas legend Patrick Duffy. Or there again, you might not.
Me? I’m off to sit in a darkened room with dozens of preview DVDs from the upcoming autumn schedules. It may still be August, but in TV land Christmas is only just around the corner. Normal Life of Wylie service will resume in due course.