Sharon Osbourne: Chat Show Host

SHARON Osbourne is going to be a busy lady over the next few months.
I’m off to a secret location tonight to talk again to Sharon, Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh ahead of the return of The X Factor this Saturday.
But Sharon has something else to worry about, as you may have seen from the TV trailers. The Sharon Osbourne Show arrives on ITV1 at 5pm on Tuesday August 29.
It’s all part of the teatime ratings battle between ITV and Channel 4, which has got increasingly bitter over the last year.
Paul O’Grady is still recovering from his heart attack in June but is expected back in the C4 5pm slot late next month.
At first, Sharon will be in direct competition with Richard & Judy as they come to the end of their current run. TV bosses are then set to run Channel 4 hit Deal Or No Deal from 5pm each weekday.
Other options include bringing Paul back sooner, if doctors give him the OK, or hiring guest hosts for his show.

Sharon’s hour-long show is, of course, on top of her Saturday night TV duties when the live X Factor shows begin.
Her solo project, screened every weekday, is going to be a family affair, so Ozzy, Jack and Kelly will be calling in. “I can’t wait to get started,” she says. “It sounds like I’m incredibly busy and I know I will need a break by Christmas.
“ITV offered me a pilot and liked it, and then offered me 40 shows, which is very exciting. It’s going to be me talking to interesting people, both celebrities and ordinary people.”
You can read more about the new series of The X Factor here.
* Best TV joke of the week (read this out loud): Kate Garraway to co-presenter Andrew Castle on the GMTV sofa: “Do you realise, if you married Beyonce, she’d be Beyonce Castle.”



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69 responses to “Sharon Osbourne: Chat Show Host

  1. sharozz

    please can anyone tell me if there is going to be an official(preferably)forum for fans to post on when SHARON starts her show.
    i really hope so as she is such an outstanding, down to earth person,and i am a great fan of her’s. in fact her number one fan.
    thanks,love sharozz.xx

  2. georgina

    Hia! i so cannot wait till sharon osbourne’s new chat show starts! I have got tickets to go and see it but i can not go1 im sooo gutted i wud love to have seen her, i fink she is great and the most amazing person in the world!
    i am your number 1 fan. love u

  3. samantha

    i cant wait for the sharon osbourne showe to start i love her soooo much she is amazing!
    it is my dream to meet her!!!!!
    i cant go and see her so i feel really upset as i could have achieved my dream.
    anyway i had betta go as i have soo much cousework to do love you loads sharon xxxxxxx love samxxxxxxxx

  4. carol kennedy

    me and my mam would love to meet u we think u r so lovely and kind harted we both love u love carol and sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. gemma

    hi. i’m 14 n trying to buy a ticket for the sharon osbourne show, for my mums birthday can anyone tell me how to get them?

  6. We say nice one sharon? you will bring a great touch to chat show tv …ps thanks for everything

  7. Gemma

    Woohoo cant wait for the new show!! its no doubt going to be fabulous! I have tickets for it aswell, yey im so excited 😀

  8. Chris Mckeon

    Hi Sharon I would love to be a member of the audience for your,e new show. I think you are a fantastic person with a huge heart. Love you Chris

  9. Chris Mckeon

    Hi Sharon I would love to be a member of the audience for your,e new show. I think you are a fantastic person with a huge heart. Love you Chris

  10. siobhan smith

    Sharon i think you are Fabulous out of this world:) i have been to one of your show and it was the best top show ever 🙂 I would LOVE to meet you one day:) that would be my dream come true and i don’t care how long it takes i love you to bits ya de best 🙂
    form your BIGGEST fan ever
    take care and all the best xxxxx

  11. marina

    im marina and im 11 years old and this year at my school we had a x factor and i won so i had to sing infront of the whole school and it was my first week at that school so i didnt no hardly dream is to be a singer and id do anything to be won so i wonderd if there was ever goin to be a KIDS X FACTOR id do anything to be a singer so please tell me how i could become won im comfidant and really good please help me sharon thank you your the best love you xx

  12. kim

    sharon osbourne you are fab i really really admire you your soo lovely. your soo real i watch your show i really really really want to meet you sometime i lost my mother to cancer so i know what youve been though myself its my dream to meet you i love you soo much your just the best!!! take care xxxxxxxx

  13. Denise

    Sharon, well done! You are very enjoyable to watch and you do seem very grounded and down to earth. What ya see is what ya get. Fair play…go girl.

  14. leanne

    hello sharon i would to comment you about the tickets for the sharon ozborens show how much are they??
    lot of love leanne
    favourite celebrity

  15. amy b

    sharon i am 14 years old and i love the show and u my dream would be to meet u one day love u show and u form amy b from birmingham

  16. amy b

    hi i am amy 14 year old from birmingham and i think u show is really good and i would give any thing to meet u my dream would be to meet u and tell u how much i like u i think u are a grate mom and i would love to have a mom like u love amy

  17. Hayley

    hi sharon last year my nan and grandad was due to go on holiday we all put together to send them away for there fiftyth wedding anniversary. Unfortunatly a week before they were due to fly out my grandad fell and broke his hip and was unable to go on the holiday they lost everthing the travel agents never gave them anything back since then they have not been away as can not afford it themselves they would love to come on your show and tell there story as they watch you every day

  18. mariesha

    hiya sharon ,
    im 15 and i watch you every day and i really want to come to your show!
    my family hasnt had a very good year and i would love to do something for them
    1st my uncle died at 39 as he was an alcoholic and was found dead one morning it wasnt very nice it was shocking!
    then last week my great uncle died of cancer.
    so it hasnt be a very good couple years
    anyway i would love to come on the x factor when im 17 but im scared of simon saying im rubbish its not like he gets up and sings!
    love ya sharon xxx your the best
    p.s i love ozzy 2 xxx
    i think his butter advert is hilerious! (soz if spelling is rong blame my mum)

  19. Thomas Jerred

    hiya sharon,
    i would do anything to meet ya,all my family really like you me n my cuz mesh and my mum have tryed getting tickets 4 your show about two times, its been like a rollercoaster ride for my family in the last 3 years firstly my cousins grandad died of cancer n then my uncle kevin died at aged 38 due to alcohol as he was an alcoholic n u no wat its like as ozzy was 1 i am so glad he aint anymore as i rely like his music i liked his butter advert and the fairy cakes one its so funny me and mariesha were so gutted when we found out you had cancer as we couldn’t loose da funniest nicest woman who looks really good for her age whens your 21st birthday again n are me n my cousin mariesha invited my cousin wants to go on x factor when shes 17 but i think shes scared simon cowell will say shes a rubbish singer i think hes really harsh on it n we think hes up his own ass n he dont choose good singers like you n louis u get the betta choices tho and the most talented singers love u always from ur biggest fan Tom jerred xxx

  20. Sophie Chapman

    I seriously would do anything for you seriously your great. When am feeling down I think about you and click channels on the TV and hope your on you bring a smile to my face. I would love to meet you am sure your into singing as you are on x Factor well just to let you know am going to come on X Factor when am 16. My ambition in life is to be like you are or be a famous singer. My hobby is singing and I am hoping to have a career in it if not am sure whatever I do I will give it my best shot. I would for you just to e-mail me I would do anything to meet you and I hope that in my lifetime I will have the opportunity to meet you. My e-mail address is I know that you are famous and have better thing to do then e-mail someone like me. I know to you I must seem like a little pathetic girl wanting to meet someone famous like you but it isn’t actually like that I have ambitions in life and one of them is to meet you and having your view on my singing.
    all my love to you and your family (please e-mail me xxx)


  22. HI SHARON, I LOVE UR SHOW ITS FABBY JUST LIKE U R . I AM ALWAYS TOLD HOW VERY MUCH I LOOK LIKE YOU , I AM LUCKY. I GOT AN OFFER TO DO A FASHON SHOW AND MY HUBBY AND ME GOT DRESSED UP AS SHARON AND OZZY.WE HONESTLY STOLE THE SHOW WE WHERE ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT. I WOULD LOVE TO COME ON UR LIVE AND SHOW ALL UR VIEWERS THAT MABYE THERE IS REALY 2 MRS OSBORNS , HA HA . MY HUBBY WAS SO MUCH LIKE OZZY ,IT WAS SCAREY. WE HAVE PICS I COULD SEND U AND WE ALSO HAVE APEARED IN THE SHOUT MAGAZINE A FEW MONTHS AGO AS sharon and ozzy. i have a very bright and vibarent personalaty and people say i not only look like u but i have the same nature as u , pls let me know if u would like some pics as i have a good story to tell. i am 1 lucky lady. at the age of 51 i have acheived so so much. i almost lost my life and now i live life and my passion is dance i live love and perform it. i have also been on strictly dance fever and got through the 1st round.they used me on their show and i was looked upon as a sharon osborne wanna be . i hope u get back to me as i will make ur viewing high. good luck sharon and keep being yourself. a wonderfull person. from a faithfull viewer ann marie harper

  23. Brian Prout

    Who was the fantastic female singer
    who performed at the end of the show
    on Friday 22 September?

  24. leanne

    hi there sharon i think you are really fab and i would do anything atall to meet you i have told my mum that i would love to meet you aswell she said she would see what she could do. it would be my dream to meet you. and btw i am really sorry abut your house going in fire i know the feeling as not long ago my house went on fire and we were all homeless for about 4 months or something it was horrible well i must go but please i would do anything to meet me can you tell me something i could do to meet you luv leanne age 14 from scotland xxxxxx

  25. Roxanne Gregory

    Hi Sharon i got though to boot camp remmber me ? please, please let me come and sing on your show i love you so much and would really love to meet and talk with you , please, please Sharon make this one thing happen for me.

  26. Jess Thorpe

    Heyyyy My Fabuuulousss Fav Celeb da best sharon,
    can i just say i love you because you are just fabulous i drive my family and mates talkin abar u non stop as u r my idol and my role model and it would be my dream come true if i coule meet you in person i watch your show everyday i can not miss one no matter what and i love watching you on the x factor and i willl get rteli upset when your show finsihes i have been doing my best to get tickets to your show but if i do not get tickets for that then i will do my best to get them for the x factor as i would do anything to meet you and i love ozzy kelly and jack all fabulussssss no matter what Love you all and stay fabulousssss and please make my dream come true and please email me thanks for your time Luv Ya Loads jess 14 from boootle x x x XxXxXxxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxxXxXxXxxXxXxXXmwah

  27. Patsy

    hiya sharon, i think your show is absolutely FABULOUS. I would love to get tickets to come and see you live

  28. S.A.H.

    Dear Sharon,
    I am your biggest fan! I have your shows on DVD and I watch them all the time. This year for halloween I am going to be you!!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  29. tammy

    hi i want to no if anyone can tell me how i can find the sharron tickets to her show xx x

  30. leanne

    hello sharon osbourne
    i love you to bits on your show and i want to go on there to tlk about my dancing on thw real life show at the empire theatre

  31. Amy N

    hey sharon
    im 13 years old and i love u 2 pieces ur fab!! both me and mi sister have not missed one of ur shows… me mi sister and mi dad all love rock and ozzzy’s music.
    mi sister is disabled and had an operation 2 help her walk a bit better and both our dreams r 2 meet u!! u r FABULOUS!!!!!
    love u loads Amy N __xxxx__

  32. kelly

    hiya im 14 and it wud b ma dream cum tru to meet sharon… sharon ur a complete ledgend and i admire you soo mch… every 1 luvz u ur so adorable, u av a gd sence of humor… and your really down to earth… sharon if u ever read this i luv you to peices xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Heyyyy My Fabulousss Mrs O,
    Its Me again just want you to know how much i really do admire you and i was crying my eyes out yesterdee wen i found out that your show is finishing on fridee as i just love it rules the roost of all the other tv programmes but as long as ur on the x factor its not that bad o and shaz ur going to win this yr im going to make sure of it as all urs r just fabulouss as they take after you and i ajm trying my best to get tickets for the x factor as i said on my last email it would be my dream to meet you and ino all these other people have said it but that is what my nli wish is to meet you i do not know why but i just think im different and lately i have been watchin all of the osbournes series over and over again because use r just all so fabulouss as ozzy is the funniest amazing guy eva jack is just amazing and kelly is gurgiss and boss and you are just the best fabulousssss and really you would make my dream come true and my wish if i could just meet you as i do not stop goin on and on about you all the time thanks agen And rember i love you loads and loads and never change even if you do i will still love you i am yourr biggest fan and ino ur sik of hearin it but i meen it ino everyfin about you as i have also read your autobiography i read it in one day and i have read it 5 times again as your just fabulousss Love you XXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXxXXxXxXXXxXxXxXxXxXxxXxXxXxxXxx

  34. poppy jayne cooper

    Sharon your the best ive never wanted more than to meet you i think your fab. All the girls in my school go on about you and x factor they think one of your contestants are goin to win it. well i do to actually. when i think of you i think of this person who is pretty and never wants to hurt anyone elses feeling. Simon is ok and louy is good too but i really want to meet you. I had a dream once after the ozzy osbourne show that i came round to your house and met the big stars like singers and that i was cool mates with kelly cuz she is the best she makes me laugh everytime i watch the osbournes. when im older i want to be like you famouse for eveything but at the moment im only 13 and my dream is to just come face to face with you. i cry sometimes when i think of the people who have met you and just take it for granted because there are loads of people out there who would love to meet you me being one. i just want to talk to you all the time and writing to you is making my heart pound my mum dosent think you will reply because im only 13 but i have faith i know you will . Do you think oneday i will be able to meet you . I live in congleton. just for you to contact me would be nice because i have loads to talk to you about so please do. im crazy about you and meeting you .pppppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseee sharon pppplllllleeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeee dont break a girls heart

  35. Ian Wylie

    Note from Ian Wylie:
    Thanks to everyone for all the comments. If you want to contact Sharon’s office at ITV, the email address is:
    Please note that this is NOT Sharon’s personal email address – just the office for her programme at ITV, which is now off air, having finished its first series.
    You are welcome to add comments etc here, but please do not include personal details like addresses and phone numbers, as I can’t publish them online and they will be edited out.
    Good luck!

  36. stellina leach

    hi sharon, i am one of your little friends .i really fell in love with your show.i didn’t know the show was ended so i made a fool of myself wanting to see your beautiful face on the screen on monday 23rd october.what i saw was the price is know what sharon,i was so depressed .even now i am sick not seeing your lovely face.but thanGod for d xfactor atleast i will see you and be well.i wish your group wins in the x factor because you really deserve it.thank you sharon.

  37. Anne Davies

    heard you mention that you had never heard a guitar being played by someone with a kilt on well there is a band called the dangleberries (pipers,drummers ,guitarists and tambourine) they play paranoid and it sounds great,the crowd seem to like it when they play it.They have played at the wickerman festival and also at the tartan heart festival this year.

  38. Alison

    hi sharon your such a great person and very loving me and my friends would love to meet you your new chat show is FAB well done shaza carry on working hard you deserve the praise

  39. sally n steph

    helo we love your show !!!!! we want to know were we can get your tickets coz we think your show rocks!!!!we would love to meet u xx

  40. casey

    hi sharon your the best judge you really showed the other 2 how to behave xxxx are you going to make other shows?

  41. tammy tammi

    hello i am mad on shaz she is just da bewst pleeease reply i would luv ya more cheers tammixxx

  42. saaraa

    Hi i never watch the show, but ive heard of it, and i like sharon on the x factor i wanna become a member, how do you? do u know the lousi walsh fan club site?

  43. Ian Wylie

    The Lovin’ Louis fan site is at:

  44. shivani

    My christmas wish is to meet sharon. I think she is so big hearted and a fantastic person. She is my role model and i wish when i am her age i look just as beautiful as she looks now. Sharon my wish is to meet you.

  45. kerrie

    hi Sharon i always love watching you on tv i wish i could meet you and sing in front of you you always in my dreams and one day i would love to meet hope i do it would be a dream come true for me from kerrie a really big fan of you age 14.

  46. tamara

    Your show the x factor was really good.

  47. Kath

    Does Sharon have a fan club address and if so can u please email it 2 me? My 4yr old grandaughter loves her very much. Kath.

  48. julie

    Hi – I like u. U r a very nice person. I always watch your show. I would love to meet u.

  49. zara nash

    dear sharon
    can you please help me, my mother in law has been going to gala bingo for over 10yr every monday there was a coach came to pick her and about 30 or more people up from where we live and all of a sudden the bus was not coming any more, some of the old ladies that was going every week looked forward to going and it was all they had to look forward to every week. The bingo hall is about 25 miles from them and they have no transport so now they have no social life bless them. I know this is a long shot but as you are a very lovely lady i am sure you might be able to help as you have some connection with gala bingo. we love you sharon

  50. Ian Wylie

    Zara – thanks for your comment, but just to again stress that this blog is not a direct line to Sharon. I’ve no idea if she reads it or not. Have you tried contacting your local newspaper to see if they can highlight your story and, perhaps, try and get something done? Anyway, good luck.

  51. gus marsans

    I am a tv producer and i was with some of my friends that work on tv and we have an idea, make a documentary of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple but we need to be connected with these people and make a documentary concert with a sofa in the stage and interview to every person in front of a concert – but the thing is that we are Cuban and the concert has to be in Cuba to let the people know for the first time their face because we receive jail for their music when we was in Cuba and can be a good idea.
    gustavo marsans

  52. carol

    you are so good and decent….I loved your show more than all the other talk shows in the US and I wish you health and happiness as well as success in all your adventures.
    I am most proud of you right now for literally standing up and walking off that disgusting talent show. No child or adult (for that matter) should have to stand and be humiliated anywhere. It was a waste of your precious time and it took you NO TIME to figure that out.
    keep doing what you are doing.
    Very sincerely.

  53. Melissa

    I love you and i wish i could meet you.

  54. Nikita

    Hey.,. Just here to say that Sharon is amazin. Shes always kind and caring and thats y everyone loves you .. I wish i could be a star like You xx

  55. tracy pitchford

    i cant wait to see sharon back on the tv for her talk show cos she is a wonderful woman and mum and i would like to be on her show and meet her so much cos i am a very big fan.

  56. rebecca

    sharon, you’re amazing i would love to meet you and i hope you could help me with the people that are bullying me please ok you’re wonderful!!
    love you always becky xxxxx

  57. vicky howden

    hi sharon my name is vicky. i am a great fan of yours and also a great fan for bulldogs. my partner and i breed bullies. but i have the most amazing bully ever. his name is tiny. we called him tiny as he is a dwarf. he is so special and i feel very lucky to have him. you would love him he s a little star. where ever he goes people love him. i took him shopping to pet world and the truth is you would have thought i had david beckham in my arms. he had such a crowd one little girl was in tears because she wanted to take him home. he s a little charmer. the story to tiny how he survived is just great. he was so so tiny and weak its hard to believe he is here and doing so well. people ask me if tiny is for sale. my answer is he s priceless and i love to say to them sharon obourne’s blank cheque could not buy my tiny. ha. you realy would love him. we call him the mad dwarf. he would definitely keep ozzy in place. tiny has been a little fighter since he was born and thats why he s so special to us. he is different to other bullies. i have been searching for more dwarfs but cant find any. i would love tiny to meet you and i think you would be delighted to meet him too. it would be great for my little star tiny to be invited to your show. like i said he can turn heads as good as beckham. by the way if you invite him please leave your cheque book at home because he’s not for sale, haha. ive got some amazing pictures of tiny from birth onwards and a amazing story. thankyou vicky and you have some beautifull bullies.

  58. Ian Wylie

    Can I just make clear – yet again – that this is not a direct line to Sharon and I have no idea whether she reads these comments or not. Also, at the time of writing, there are no plans for ITV to bring back her chat show.

  59. kim

    I love shaz I wish that I could see her to show that I can sing. Shaz ia a breath of fresh air she inspires people to never give up something. I love watching her on x factor and I would to be there some day just to have a try to sing just for her. But I know that I will never get the chance to see her or sing for her. One day I will be able to sing for her and it dosen’t matter if I go though or not I just be happy that I have met the most lovely and kindist women who cares about the people who just love to sing.
    from kimberley hill
    age: 16



  61. Sophie malik

    Sharon, It’s always exciting for me to see you, but my dream will be to meet you in person because I need your help or Kelly to save many lives through my project if possible.

  62. hi sharon
    i am in the middle of reading your new book survivor, its superb.I would so like your autograph if you dont mind, i can only say your a woman that i admire and one day i will have the balls that you ve got to get on in life.

  63. claire

    Sharon i have to say i love you to bits, i tryed to get into the xfactor just to come in the room give ya a hug and go again but didnt get the chance to meet you, i was gutted..
    Sharon ya amazing, i love you to pieces cant wait to get hold of your new book. I read your first book in 3 days, i would love to just meet you. Ya amazing dont let anyone else put ya down look at how many fans you have for just being you, not anyone else, its all you.
    Take Care Love ya xxxx

  64. kevin

    Hi Sharon, My wife (Tracy) sort-of looks like you, and she can stand her ground (like you), she’s become a fan of your, and she loves your book.
    I think one of her dreams will be to meet you in person.
    Good luck Sharon, you are loved more than you can imagine…. xx

  65. Lesley Egan

    Hello Mrs Osbourne I think that you are a wonderful big hearted women and you are truly my idol. I watched your show a couple of times but lately I have been so busy with being sick. I am 33 years old and I have 3 diseases Lupus, sclaradurma, a severe case of Raynouds and yet even though I am dying I think that so many people have it so much worse than me and that is why you are my idol because you think of other people before your self and I admire you so much for that. I love you

  66. samantha

    hi mrs o i think you are amazing i had cancer 2 years ago and needed a major operation i was given your first book 2 read and i couldnt get my nose out of it i was only 29 when i had my operation but u and my daughter gave me the strength to come though it thank you

  67. cayzia hale askew

    dear sharon,
    I enjoy watching you on the x factor.I am a BIG fan of you I like your dog Minne .
    Are you still on the x factor?
    Lots of love cayzia aged 8

  68. john weber

    hello…i hope someone who can help me reads this. I write lyrics for songs and poetry. I wrote a piece for the international stuttering help in europe last year (3700 attending). My piece was read and got a standing O. there was not a dry eye in house. it is about how a person who stutters feels but the word stutter or stuttering is never mentional. it is about loneliness. i just want the opportunity for Eli Maddson to read it. with his voice and music writing ability, it would be a wonderful song. it is in the process of being copyrighted and has been published in many magazines. i just want Eli to read the lyrics (words)…and decide for himself. can anyone help me. this is so difficult to seek out someone who is close to him. i could fax it or e mail it or send it through the mail system.
    thanks, john

  69. northwesttosoutheast

    Dear Sharon Osbourne and to all the readers,

    Sharon you are an amazing person whom is a cancer survivor.

    I would like to give back as my two dads are cancer survivors as well.I wanted to let you know and others.
    Please take a look at my Blog for my book Northwest to Southeast, Landscape Images (Available) October.

    $1 DONATION to AACR for every book sold
    American Association for Cancer Research

    The Simmons, they drove across America on Faith.
    They knew every day God kept them Safe on a Journey through Life. Mark and Lori Simmons only knew Washington State as home. With hard times due to the economy. Lack of work in the Northwest.
    They knew they had to start over were they would have a higher survival rate in this economy.
    Despite these and other life challenges, neither Lori nor Mark has lost hope.

    Over 100 photos in this book chronicle the couple’s pilgrimage from Lake Stevens, Wash., to Brandon,
    Fla., a road trip undertaken in faith that, just as bad things happen that are unexplainable,
    God also keeps us safe and creates a world of beauty and wonder.
    Please tell others so I can give to the AACR!
    Thank you,

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