Sharon Osbourne: Chat Show Host

SHARON Osbourne is going to be a busy lady over the next few months.
I’m off to a secret location tonight to talk again to Sharon, Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh ahead of the return of The X Factor this Saturday.
But Sharon has something else to worry about, as you may have seen from the TV trailers. The Sharon Osbourne Show arrives on ITV1 at 5pm on Tuesday August 29.
It’s all part of the teatime ratings battle between ITV and Channel 4, which has got increasingly bitter over the last year.
Paul O’Grady is still recovering from his heart attack in June but is expected back in the C4 5pm slot late next month.
At first, Sharon will be in direct competition with Richard & Judy as they come to the end of their current run. TV bosses are then set to run Channel 4 hit Deal Or No Deal from 5pm each weekday.
Other options include bringing Paul back sooner, if doctors give him the OK, or hiring guest hosts for his show.

Sharon’s hour-long show is, of course, on top of her Saturday night TV duties when the live X Factor shows begin.
Her solo project, screened every weekday, is going to be a family affair, so Ozzy, Jack and Kelly will be calling in. “I can’t wait to get started,” she says. “It sounds like I’m incredibly busy and I know I will need a break by Christmas.
“ITV offered me a pilot and liked it, and then offered me 40 shows, which is very exciting. It’s going to be me talking to interesting people, both celebrities and ordinary people.”
You can read more about the new series of The X Factor here.
* Best TV joke of the week (read this out loud): Kate Garraway to co-presenter Andrew Castle on the GMTV sofa: “Do you realise, if you married Beyonce, she’d be Beyonce Castle.”