Checking In

MAX Beesley and Tamzin Outhwaite will check in several guest stars when Hotel Babylon opens its doors again in the New Year.
The five star TV hotel welcomes Kacey Ainsworth in her first role since leaving Albert Square’s Little Mo behind.
She plays a tabloid journalist in a storyline which also involves the unlikely pairing of Chris Moyles and Chantelle.
Other guests in the second series include Kelly Brook as Lady Catherine Stanwood, a former hotel receptionist who got lucky, and Ronni Ancona as a Tory MP.
Cherie Lunghi and Russ Abbott play husband and wife and David Walliams is a cult leader. Wonder if he’ll try out the hotel pool?

Burnage boy Max, who plays deputy manager Charlie, and Tamzin, as his boss Rebecca, are again at the centre of the action.
The glossy series is inspired by the book of the same name, a “searing expose” of life behind the scenes. Author Imogen Edward-Jones explains: “What the hotel staff have to put up with from guests who are shelling out between £350 and £3,500 a night would shock even the most jaded of souls.”
Most critics gave the first BBC1 run a hard time but they took it all far too seriously. Ordinary viewers had no reservations about sitting down each week for an hour of escapist entertainment.

Tamzin told me earlier this year: “The reaction from the press was abysmal. But people on the streets loved it. They said it was quite sexy and a bit naughty. Babylon was almost cartoon-like and very heightened. I actually think it’s like nothing else.”
Also like nothing else is BBC3’s Bodies. Max made a big impact as Dr Rob Lake in the first two series of the acclaimed drama and was angry at the decision not to make a third.
But he will be back in a final special edition, which ties up a few loose ends. In a comment which will have more than a few people nodding in agreement, he says: “Unfortunately, in the last few years it’s become more about successful viewing figures, rather than the quality of the programme.”
You can see actor and musician Max tonight when he checks in to The Kumars At No 42 and talks to host Sanjeev Bhaskar about getting his first drum kit – at the age of three. It’s on BBC1 at 9.30pm.