Robson Green’s Flying Machine

ROBSON Green was a little puzzled when he turned up to meet the press at a central London hotel yesterday.
We’d just watched the first film in series four of Wire In The Blood, which returns to ITV1 in September. Robson is back as Dr Tony Hill, alongside new screen partner Simone Lahbib as Det Insp Alex Fielding.
Inspired by the novels of Stockport-based author Val McDermid, it’s disturbing stuff about the darker side of human nature.
Which is why Robson was mystified to receive a call from one producer, who said: “I saw you in Wire In The Blood. Can you do six months of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?”

The stage role on offer was that of inventor Caractacus Potts. “They wanted me to sing Me Ol’ Bam-boo? I thought I was tripping! But it was for lots of money,” laughed a relaxed Robson.
Fans of The Royal may be shocked to see actress Natalie Anderson – nurse Stella Davenport – in a very different role during the first Wire In The Blood story about young women being lured to their deaths via an internet site. It’s real edge of the seat stuff, and one of the best Wire films yet.
Meanwhile Robson is about to start filming City Lights – the series previously known as Northern Lights and now moved from Manchester to London – alongside co-star Mark Benton.
He had something to say about that, and several others things, when we met up. Some of it will be in tomorrow’s MEN and online.