The Final Countdown

THE hot ticket today is for the recording of the last ever Top of the Pops.
A one hour special will be screened on BBC2 on Sunday evening as the veteran show reaches the end of the road.
Stars past and present are gathering at BBC Television Centre in west London for the farewell edition. Jimmy Savile, the man who hosted the very first programme in Manchester 42 years ago, is already at the studios.

TOTP – axed by BBC bosses earlier this year – is the subject of tomorrow’s Television page feature, including the view of former Radio One DJ Dave Lee Travis, who began his career in Manchester.
He reckons the show failed to keep up with its audience, joking, “If you look at the average kid who might be interested in Top of the Pops, they’ll have their iPod in one hand, a mobile phone in the other, they’ll be playing a computer with their feet and have a wi-fi aerial sticking on top of their head. There’s just too much stuff out there. Everything’s becoming marginalised.”

Over 150 people have presented Top of the Pops, including pre-House Party and Deal Or No Deal host Noel Edmonds, Anthea Turner, Bruno Brookes, Manchester-born Gary Davies, Channel M’s Andy Crane and Tony Blackburn.
There’s plenty of nostalgia on show this Sunday night. But if you want some more, there’s enough for anyone here.

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