“I knew at once I wanted to do it.”

Doctor Thorne is Julian Fellowes’ first screen project since Downton Abbey said its UK farewell last Christmas Day.

A deliciously comedic world adapted from the Anthony Trollope novel.

Starring Tom Hollander in the title role with a superb cast including Rebecca Front, Ian McShane, Phoebe Nicholls, Richard McCabe and Alison Brie.

With newcomers Stefanie Martini (Mary) and Harry Richardson (Frank) making a big impression at the start of what are set to be notable acting careers.

Starting on ITV at 9pm this Sunday (March 6) Doctor Thorne is a glorious three part treat.

Filmed in some of the most striking locations England has to offer.

The London preview screening.
The London preview screening.

“WE all know people who have stood too close to the fire and have died.

“It happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman very recently.”

Tom Hollander reflecting after last night’s premiere screening of A Poet In New York.

A remarkable BBC2 / BBC1 Wales single drama about the final days of Dylan Thomas before his death in 1953, aged just 39.

Jane as Gracie

JANE Horrocks was just 15 when Gracie Fields died.

So despite sharing Lancashire backgrounds, Jane told me that, growing up, she knew very little about the woman who was once the highest paid performer in the world.

We met at the Young Vic Theatre in London, where Jane is currently starring in a revival of the Irving Berlin musical Annie Get Your Gun.