“LIFE is strange, isn’t it?”

Downton Abbey series three, episode nine.

Otherwise known as the 2012 Christmas Special, just broadcast by ITV1 tonight – December 25 – in the UK.

If you have yet to watch it, do NOT read any further.

Come back later once you have viewed.

That obviously also goes for our American cousins waiting for series three to begin on PBS on Jan 6.

As well as other Downton fans across the globe who are not yet up to the UK series pace.

There are major spoilers below.

So unless you want to read them, stop now.

Jim Carter as Mr Carson

HE’S set to dance with Dame Maggie Smith.

Sing again – briefly – in a poignant scene.

And facing more drama tonight (Sunday) when General Sir Herbert Strutt arrives to inspect the convalescent home.

But Downton Abbey star Jim Carter, who plays butler Mr Carson, currently has other things on his mind.