“THAT’S happening all round the country to 41-year-olds who look like me.

“But nobody gets to see that on the telly.”

Sally Lindsay is talking about her main storyline in new BBC1 six-part drama series Ordinary Lies.

Written by Danny Brocklehurst and made by Red Productions.

One sentence alone that should have you tuning in to the opening episode at 9pm next Tuesday (March 17).

Mackenzie Crook as Corporal Buckley

PIRATES of the Caribbean star Mackenzie Crook sips a cup of tea as the sun streams in from the garden behind him.

June 3 2010 in north London, just around the corner from his own house – once owned by Peter Sellers.

“It wasn’t the reason we bought it,” he smiles. “We decided to buy the house and then found out that Peter Sellers had lived there in the fifties, for about three years.

“I love that about it. I’ve got a great set of photos from when he lived there. A journalist came round and interviewed him and took photos of him in the house.

“So I’ve got a nice photo of Peter Sellers opening my front door.”

Mackenzie was here to talk about his role in the second story of Jimmy McGovern’s new drama series Accused on BBC1 next Monday.

Christopher Eccleston as Willy Houlihan

IT’S no secret that Christopher Eccleston is one of my favourite actors.

Maybe yours too?

He’s a class act and as intelligent off screen as on.

I spoke to him recently – on the day after the government’s spending cuts were announced – about his role in episode one of Jimmy McGovern’s new BBC1 series Accused.

Which includes his character Willy calling a banker a name I can’t repeat here.

My interview with Chris is in today’s Manchester Evening News, and also online below with a few extras I couldn’t fit into the main article.