(Don’t scroll down if you have yet to see the conclusion)

THE third and final episode of South Riding has just finished on BBC1.

I first saw it a few weeks ago and have watched it again several times since.

A beautiful, haunting last hour of television drama, adapted by screenwriter Andrew Davies from Winifred Holtby’s novel.

Both heartbreaking and uplifting.

With a spellbinding – and hopefully award-winning – performance from Anna Maxwell Martin as Sarah Burton.

IT begins with Anna Maxwell Martin on a steam train and David Morrissey riding a horse.

Both heading for the same destination.

If you’re in the UK and able to watch, do yourself a favour tomorrow (Sunday).

Record anything else you might want to catch and settle down to watch BBC1 at 9pm.

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

IT was the Friday before last Christmas that David Suchet finished filming Murder On The Orient Express.

Twelve months on it’s ITV1’s big Christmas Day film at 9pm.

I met up with David earlier this year to discuss his role in this iconic Poirot story.

Along with the documentary he filmed about his own journey on the real train, screened on the same channel last Sunday.

David Morrissey and Tara Fitzgerald as Jan and Debbie

YOU’VE got a mobile phone, right? Facebook page? Twitter?

Perhaps you’re even one of those people on social networking sites who like to let others know which coffee shop or train station you’re passing through?

“The whole Orwellian Big Brother thing is that it would be imposed on us by a government,” actor David Morrissey told me recently.

“But what he didn’t realise is that we would impose it on ourselves.