THE murder count is set to rise in Midsomer.
Although schedules have yet to be finalised, it looks like a double treat is on the way for fans of John Nettles.
Two new episodes are set to be screened – one at Christmas and one at New Year. *(See update below)
And each one features a former Coronation Street star.
In Shot At Dawn, a family feud dating back to World War One comes to a head in Midsomer Parva after the unveiling of a war memorial.
Mayor Dave Hicks, played by Brian Capron, blames an upper crust family for the death of his grandfather, shot for cowardice at the Somme.
Brian was, of course, Corrie killer Richard Hillman.
He was also the first to be voted off the current series of Strictly Come Dancing.
That’s due to be followed by Death In A Chocolate Box.

THE bride wore ivory on another busy day in Midsomer.
“Thank you all for being the cheapest labour we’ve ever had,” laughed John Nettles.
The occasion was filming for the Midsomer Murders wedding of his screen daughter Cully Barnaby to Simon Dixon.
And the reason for John’s joke?
Among the wedding guests in the church congregation were the massed ranks of Her Majesty’s Press, including yours truly.
We were invited by executive producer Brian True-May, who married his own wife Maureen on the same spot in 1969.
Not that you’re likely to see much of us when episode one of series 11 – Blood Wedding – is screened on ITV1 later this year.

AN early morning train to the countryside today to meet up with John Nettles on location for the new series of Midsomer Murders.
Sitting in the drawing room of a grand old house, he was relaxed and dry-witted as ever, despite the demands of the filming schedule.
More from John in the New Year, including his adventures in a helicopter while filming in Snowdonia.
Fans will be glad to know that he has no thoughts of retiring from the role of Det Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby as he heads into his 10th series.
But Midsomer Murders executive producer Brian True-May is looking ahead to a possible new project for John when he finally hands in his police ID.
It’s called Over Here, a drama which could replace Foyle’s War, with Nettles playing the leader of an English village during World War Two.

CAN you solve a Midsomer Murders mystery?
Laura Howard is Cully Barnaby in ITV1’s global hit, daughter of Det Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, played by John Nettles.
But Laura confesses that even though she has played the role since the pilot episode in 1997, she has no idea where the name Cully comes from. And it seems no-one else on the Midsomer team knows either.

THE hottest day of the year and a trip to a secret location in the killing fields of Buckinghamshire.
Midsomer Murders is filmed in some of England’s most picturesque villages, which is where I’m headed to interview John Nettles and other cast members.
Tom Barnaby and co have already completed work on their 50th ITV1 episode – due on screen in the autumn – and are busy making several more films in the scorching heat. Now sold to over 200 countries, the series is one of British TV’s greatest ever success stories.
It’s mainly shot in various parts of the countryside on either side of the M40 corridor between London and Oxford, an area you may know well, even if you’ve never visited.