Michael Sheen as Tony Blair and Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton

A final reminder – for those in the UK – to watch The Special Relationship on BBC2 tomorrow (Saturday) night.

With Michael Sheen starring for a third time as Tony Blair alongside Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton in a film nominated for five Emmys.

I’ve posted three short audio files below from the round table interview with Michael last month at a London hotel.

Michael Sheen as Tony Blair

COULD Michael Sheen star as Tony Blair in a fourth film about the former prime minister?

I met up with Michael at a round table interview in London last month for a feature – still under embargo – to be published next week.

And also attended a special UK preview screening this week of The Special Relationship, the third in writer Peter Morgan’s trilogy about Blair after The Deal and The Queen.

Followed by a late night Q&A with Michael, Peter, producer Tracey Scoffield and Creative Director of BBC Films Christine Langan.