Denise (Lorraine Bruce), Jamie (Matthew Lewis), Bob (Timothy Spall, Leanne (Joanna Page) and Stuart (Matthew McNulty).

“THERE’S a lot of worries about at the moment.

“I can look at poverty and wealth. That’s what this series gives me the ability to be able to do.”

Can money bring you happiness?

Writer Kay Mellor has something to say about that in BBC1 drama The Syndicate, which begins at 9pm tonight (Tuesday March 27).

Tim Spall and Bobby Ball
IT’S no secret that I’m a huge fan of Caroline Aherne’s work.

She knows what the important things in life are.

Including family, laughter and love.

Her latest comedy drama is ITV1’s The Fattest Man In Britain.

Last month I spoke to cast members, including Timothy Spall, and co-author / producer Jeff Pope.