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HIM: Interviews


“IT was one of the most unique television scripts I’d read.”

Katherine Kelly talking to me about HIM, a three-part drama starting on ITV at 9pm this Wednesday (Oct 19).

The script in question was written by award-winning Paula Milne.

A “domestic horror” starring Fionn Whitehead as HIM, the teenager with no name.

Trying to find his way in life while fighting demons within.

As you would expect from Paula, it’s a really intelligent story about, among other things, all of our sons.

With some striking scenes, including one that required the closure of the A40 west of London. Continue reading


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Mr Selfridge 2: Interviews


JEREMY Piven has plenty in store for viewers when he returns tonight in Mr Selfridge.

I was delighted to be asked by ITV to write the cast interviews for this 10-part second series.

Having also done the same for the opening season.

And on the first of a number of visits back to the Mr Selfridge set in London last year it was immediately clear the bar has been raised. Continue reading

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Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan


THERE were other interviews after this week’s special Coronation Street preview screening in London.

You may already have read my transcript of the main cast Q&A at Coronation Street: Wedding Drama.

I later spoke to Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) about a different subject:

Shopping, Katherine Kelly and Mr Selfridge. Continue reading

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Mr Selfridge: Interviews

Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge.

Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge.

“IT’S just wonderful.”

Oxford Street, London, 1909. Then one year before.

Mr Selfridge opens its doors for business on ITV1 at 9pm on Sunday (January 6).

The beginning of a 10-part series with plenty of drama, romance and sheer fun in store.

American actor Jeremy Piven plays the lead role of Harry Gordon Selfridge, the flamboyant Chicago visionary who invented modern shopping. Continue reading


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Coronation Street: Farewell Becky

Becky (Katherine Kelly) and Kylie (Paula Lane) in tonight's episodes.

(Mild spoilers, including pics)

ALL TV soaps go through peaks and troughs.

Like waves on the shore, they take time to flow towards moments of crashing brilliance.

Footprints in the sand captured on screen to be remembered forever.

Tonight brings another high tide as the exceptional Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald) takes her leave of Weatherfield. Continue reading


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