TWO sons. Two mothers.

“I thought they were going for a pizza…”

If you have plans for Sunday night, cancel them now.

Common (BBC1, 9pm Sunday) is yet another classic drama by writer Jimmy McGovern.

Matched by the talents of a cast including Nico Mirallegro, Susan Lynch, Daniel Mays and Jodhi May, plus director David Blair.

The 90-minute film tells the story of Johnjo O’Shea, played by Nico, who gives his cousin and two mates a lift to get a pizza.

But Johnjo is unaware his three passengers are going to “have a word” with a local loudmouth.

As he sits outside waiting in the car for his pizza, one of the trio takes offence to a young innocent bystander and stabs him.

Laura (Sarah Smart), Freddie (Jack McMullen) and Jonathan (Laurence Fox)

IT was the first week of Wimbledon in June when I met up with Laurence Fox in London.

To talk about his festive TV drama filmed in the spring.

Also interviewing co-star Sarah Smart later in the summer.

Such is the way of Christmas television.