“TRUMP has politicised a generation.

“People are very aware of that now.

“That actually they don’t trust necessarily the establishment to solve things for them or look to the establishment as heroes, as Brexit and as Trump has proved.

“So this idea of people that are quite ordinary and normal fighting for other ordinary and normal people on those lost causes, in some cases people who have been abandoned in prison for 10, 15, 20 years, I felt Patrick really had his finger on the pulse there.”

Helen McCrory talking to me about Fearless (ITV, 9pm Mon June 12), a topical new six-part drama created and written by Homeland and 24 writer Patrick Harbinson.

She plays solicitor Emma Banville in a compelling story about the abuse of justice and power.

With a strong supporting cast – including Sir Michael Gambon – in a series that takes us from Britain to America and back.

Michael Sheen as Tony Blair

COULD Michael Sheen star as Tony Blair in a fourth film about the former prime minister?

I met up with Michael at a round table interview in London last month for a feature – still under embargo – to be published next week.

And also attended a special UK preview screening this week of The Special Relationship, the third in writer Peter Morgan’s trilogy about Blair after The Deal and The Queen.

Followed by a late night Q&A with Michael, Peter, producer Tracey Scoffield and Creative Director of BBC Films Christine Langan.