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Maigret In Montmartre: Rowan Atkinson Interview

“WHAT I’ve had once or twice is people saying:

‘Oh, hello. I know you…what’s your name again?’

“I say, ‘Rowan Atkinson.’

“And they say, ‘No, no, no.’

“A most peculiar idea where you tell people your name and they don’t believe you.

“Or they assume you’re joking. That you’ve made something up.

“For your identity to be denied to your face is potentially quite disturbing.”

Rowan Atkinson talking to me about his experiences on public transport.

During our latest interview ahead of Maigret In Montmartre (ITV, 8:30pm Christmas Eve).

Perhaps the best yet in this series of TV dramas based on the classic Georges Simenon novels. Continue reading


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