Duncan Edwards (Sam Claflin) and Mark Jones (Thomas Howes)

“THE following story is based on real events.”

It was a freezing cold day in January when I visited the cast and production team on their final day of filming for BBC2 drama United.

The location was Seven Kings Park in Ilford, east London, which contains a number of relatively isolated football pitches.

Plus a small sports pavilion, including changing rooms, straight out of the 1950s.

It was here, in the space of one day, that many of the training scenes (both before and after the crash) featured in United were filmed.

With the production wrapping just before the fading afternoon winter light turned to darkness.

Jimmy Murphy (David Tennant) and Bobby Charlton (Jack O'Connell)

“ME and Jimmy here, we’re men of grass and boots and beauty.”

Manchester United manager Matt Busby (Dougray Scott) is sitting next to his assistant Jimmy Murphy (David Tennant).

Leaving Football League Secretary Alan Hardaker (Neil Dudgeon) in absolutely no doubt as to who is the boss.

You don’t need to be a football fan to appreciate BBC2 drama United, which tells the story of the Busby Babes, the Munich Air Crash and the months that followed.

My second feature on the film is in today’s Manchester Evening News – and below – ahead of a preview screening at The Lowry in Salford tonight.

Matt and Karen at last night's launch

MATT Smith reflected: “To my mind, it’s the greatest part in British television.

“I’m fortunate to have it.”

With new executive producer and lead writer Steven Moffat describing the show as: “The most entertaining thing that British television has ever done.”

The world premiere in Cardiff last night of the latest Doctor Who series.

Featuring Matt in his full debut as the 11th Doctor and the Time Lord’s first meeting with new companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan.

THERE’S a documentary on TV tonight which might just save your life.
Not that you’d know it from this rather bizarre image, one of several BBC publicity pics issued to tie in with the Horizon film.
It shows, at least in part, Prof Myer Glickman, from the Office of National Statistics.
I use it here, as it almost certainly won’t appear anywhere else.
Perhaps it’s me? Am I missing something?
Myer tells BBC2’s cheerily-titled How To Survive A Disaster: “We would normally classify any death before the age of 70 as premature death.”
Almost three quarters of which are preventable.

THE pouring rain seemed to mirror Scott Bruton’s screen tears when I met him earlier today in central London.
Happily – less than 12 hours after his X Factor elimination – young Scott had a smile on his face.
He chatted at a relaxed mid-morning press conference – and also thanked MEN readers for their support.
You can read the news story here.
And check out the audio files at the bottom of this blog.
I know fans of Manchester-raised Scott will want to know more.
So here are some edited extracts of what he said today:
First question…how was he feeling?
“I’m feeling good. Obviously I was a bit devastated yesterday. But after it’s sunk in, you’ve just got to realise that things like this happen and I’m hoping to work off the back of The X Factor now.
“I’m really feeling good about my future. It’s the start of the rest of my life. Congratulations to Danny, he pulled out an amazing performance.”

LAURA White is many people’s idea of this year’s X Factor winner.
I chatted to Laura yesterday – some 24 hours after she broke down in tears at a press conference.
Happily, Laura, 21, from Atherton is now feeling a lot better and will be singing for someone very special on Saturday night.
You can read the online version of today’s MEN Pg 3 story here.
Due to the usual space restrictions, parts of the interview couldn’t be used.
Among several others things, Laura said she was pleased with the song choice for the first live ITV1 show.
“I’m very happy with the song that I’ve been given this week.
“Hopefully it will go down well.

MURRAYMANIA may be over but there’s still plenty of excitement left at Wimbledon 2008.
Not to mention the prospect of almost certainly two more of Rafa Nadal’s highly entertaining press conferences.
Last night the charmer from Majorca was asked what the score would be if the Nadal of last year played the Nadal of 2008.
With the usual puzzled look he gives when trying to translate some of the more bizarre questions served up here, the No 2 seed paused for reflection.
Then, quick as his flashes of brilliance on court, he volleyed back smiling: “I think I gonna win right now.”
Cue outbreak of laughter in the room as Rafa hit yet another winner.
The Real Madrid supporter was also asked what he thought about the prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo going to his club.
“I don’t know what can I think,” he replied in his sing-song English with a Spanish accent.

ANDY Murray was given a standing ovation as he walked out on to Centre Court today.
But the crowd were often strangely subdued during his victory over Fabrice Santoro.
A predictable cry of “Come on Tim” lifted the cool evening atmosphere, along with flashes of brilliance from both men and the final triumph.
But there was little sign of rampant Andymonium.
Even Henman Hill – still to be claimed as Murray Mount – was quieter than might have been expected.

IT was standing room only at today’s press launch for new ITV1 drama Rock Rivals.
Former Coronation Street actor Sean Gallagher and ex-EastEnder Michelle Collins play the two lead roles.
That’s husband and wife Mal and Karina Faith, judges on music talent show Rock Rivals.
If images of The X Factor pop into your head, it’s hardly surprising.
Simon Cowell was the script consultant in an eight-part series inspired by the real thing.
It’s made by Shed Productions, the people who gave us Bad Girls and Footballers’ Wives.
Several hacks, me included, turned up at the London venue this morning fearing the worst.
But I have to say that although Rock Rivals is totally daft – it’s also very entertaining.