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Are You Fitter Than A Pensioner?

IT’S never too late to change.

I have to admit that BBC3 documentary series Are You Fitter Than A Pensioner? would probably have passed me by.

Had I not been invited to interview some of those who flew to America to take part.

Discovering some rather inspiring transformations along the way.

So whatever age you are, perhaps you might care to check out the next episode at 8pm tonight?

In the meantime, here’s my feature running in today’s MEN.

Me? I’m off to the gym. Continue reading


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Spooks: Nicola Walker

Nicola Walker as Ruth

THE interview notes are buried somewhere in my archives.

I first met up with Nicola Walker back in the late 1990s when she starred in The Last Train and Touching Evil.

She is, of course, now best known as Ruth Evershed in Spooks.

While still finding time for stage roles, including another at the National Theatre in London this Christmas.

I spoke to Nicola again recently for the new series of Spooks. Continue reading


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Spooks: Amphitrite

Lucas takes aim in episode four

“WHOSE life did you ruin today, John?”

Spooks series nine, episode four.

The one where Lucas North – aka John – is in turmoil. Continue reading


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Strictly Come Dancing: Bruno Tonioli

Bruno Tonioli

TO BBC TV Centre in west London late last Friday afternoon for a round table interview with Bruno Tonioli.

Walking past several of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing celebrities and their professional partners as they prepared for that night’s first competitive show.

Dressed in a green V-neck top, blue jeans and brown boots, Bruno gave us over half an hour of his time. Continue reading


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